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Do You Have a Nickname Based on a Beauty Feature?

Kids (and sometimes adults) can be so cruel. In fact, Julianne Moore even wrote two books in regards to her childhood nickname, Freckleface Strawberry, which she despised. As for me, I didn't really have a nickname growing up, other than simple variations of my first name. But of course, there were a select few who had to badger me about those freckles: freckle face, freckle juice, or simply a very pre-Sawyeresque "freckles," were all the norm. What about you? Whether you were a red-headed "carrot top," a light-haired "blondie," or a spectacle-wearing "four-eyes," did you have — or do you currently have — a nickname based on a beauty feature?

PirateKitty PirateKitty 7 years
At camp one year i got called "old man eyebrows" because part of one eyebrow is white haha.
cdelaney cdelaney 7 years
My mom used to call me Coco growing up because I was really tan from spending all my time outside. It is kind of cute.
DestinyA DestinyA 7 years
I am 4'6, so I was always called Tiny. Since it's also the last 4 letters of my name, it makes sense. I never minded it.
Neuroticone Neuroticone 7 years
I was freckles when i was younger but a lot more people call me that now. My freckles have multiplied over the years.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
Occasionally I get called "Ranga."
Louie Louie 7 years
When I was at school, my nickname was either Shirley Temple or Goldilocks because of my curly hair. Used to drive me crazy, but now all those kids are envious of the curls :) My non-beauty nickname is Louie, of course.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 7 years
This boy who asked me to be his girlfriend (in 4th grade!) called me Mustache Woman, and to this day I am EXTREMELY self conscious about any facial hair.
divinedebris divinedebris 7 years
I don't really have large nose or anything but my mother used to call me "banana nose", didn't like it. It was just for joking but it made me self-conscience about my nose. Other than that, don't really have one...unless you'd count bitch from school mates or whatever. ;)
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
Yes and I hated it! My classmates liked to call me 'mustache" and I hated it. It wasn't even that noticeable but to this day I can't stand having hair there. My parents' pet names for me are all affectionate so I tolerate it only from them. They're the only ones who can call me "Smurf" (I was born blue, hence the name). My grandma called me Smurf once and I gave her an icy stare to say I don't appreciate her calling me that name. I'm very picky who gets to call me what, even my two nicknames (one I consider more personal than the other). I got smurf-blue nail polish to pay homage to the television show, the comic book the show was inspired off of and my nickname. Vive les Schtroumpfs!
brandysbug brandysbug 7 years
my Dad always called me "bird legs" when I was younger because I had long, skinny legs. I didn't mind that but, when it morphed into "bert," I wasn't too excited about the name. I remember running down the basketball court and he yelled "get the ball, bert," and my teammates were confused!!
QueenB75 QueenB75 7 years
one of my coaches calls me "weave girl" because i "have unnaturally good, long hair for a black girl that looked really fake." what pissed me off the most was that my hair was- and still is- 100% real.
cloroxcowgirl cloroxcowgirl 7 years
I had an alter ego when I was little named Goldie Glamour - I made her up. I guess Goldie was based on my hair color and Glamour was because I liked to dress up and pretend to be a movie star.
soapbox soapbox 7 years
I was "Four Eyes" because I had glasses since 2nd grade and my friend was called "Train tracks" because she had braces for most of her child hood. But they were names of affection that we still call each other to this day. But once I got into high school, my friends and I all had non-beauty related names (Soap, Kash, Ash, Vik, Slick, Blaze, Ace, Taffy) We sounded like a bunch of delinquents.
jvanlohn jvanlohn 7 years
"sleeping beauty" ....I sleep entirely too much... and I will sleep through anything.
mek123 mek123 7 years
Before I got braces, I was "rabbit teeth" but most of my nicknames have been based on my name not on my looks and of course since kids (especially sisters) can be cruel, most of them were mean spirited.
JCP0240 JCP0240 7 years
When I was young I was called pig pen and troll by my brother and sister. I would often get food on my face and my hair was always a mess or I had dirt on my clothes from playing outside. Now we all kind of look back and laugh at it, but if I want to make either of them feel bad I just bring it up.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
My nickname wasn't for a beauty feature. My parents referred to me as "stupid" as I was growing up. I wasn't stupid. I had a different thought process (that they didn't understand). Well, the proof is in the pudding. I'm doing really well in life. For a "stupid" girl, I sure made the right decisions in life, and managed my life well. ;)
weffie weffie 7 years
My dad's always called me Big Red, and a few of my friends and I refer to each other as Hot Ginge (or Team Hot Ginge lol) but nothing mean-spirited.
Swangeese Swangeese 7 years
I never had a nickname based on a beauty feature, but my family had a nickname for a birthmark on my leg. They call it a stork bite.
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