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Do You Look Your Age?

Lately, I've been getting carded less and have been called "ma'am" just a bit more than I would like. Then, while chatting with a makeup artist the other day, he guessed my age as one year older than what I really am. Sigh.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not really that big of a deal at all, and since I'm usually told that I look younger than what I am, I'll just take these recent experiences as flukes. Age is just a number on a birth certificate, anyway, right? What about you? Do you look your age, or are you constantly being mistaken as older or younger than you really are? (Oh, btw, it's BellaSugar's second anniversary today!)


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Sara14310498 Sara14310498 4 years
My ex-husband and I used to run a business together. A customer came in, and chatted with my husband, then came to the counter to pay. I introduced myself, and he said "Oh! You must be John's daughter!" I said "no, I'm his wife... but you're my new best friend." Lol. Also, I went to see my dr. a few weeks ago, and had my 14 year old son with me. The nurse who called my name asked "is your brother coming with you?" She couldn't believe he was my son. Again, a new friend! Ha. It always feels good to hear those kinds of things!
biarose biarose 7 years
When I'm dressed down and sans makeup, people usually think I'm like, 15! But when I'm dressed up and in makeup I look much older.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I'm 20 years old, but NO ONE thinks I look my age. The other day, someone guessed that I was 16, and a lot of other people have though that I was younger than I really am. But people have also mistaken me for my dad's wife (UGH!), and when I was at Disneyland, an employee thought I was the mother of my two sisters (one of them is only 3 youngers than me!). It was mortifying. I guess I can see why someone might think that though...because my dad is a single parent (my mom died years ago) and he looks rather young for his age while I look and act very mature.
catita85 catita85 8 years
I´m 23 and look 19 or 20. I like it.
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
My parents look young for their ages so I think that might explain the fact that I don't look my age. I'm twenty and I get asked how high school is going by distant relatives. Sadly, my younger sister is taller than I am which leads people to assume that she's older. It's weirder than it sounds because I have a twin sister, and these relatives tend to think that my little sis and twin are twins and I'm the youngest! I'm not even that much shorter and my sisters don't look anything alike. I hate that age is measured by height. It's been this way all my life and I'm wating for the day when I'll finally look my age.
pxpxcutie pxpxcutie 8 years
I'm 27, and people usually guess 13-16. Sometimes, when I go to restaurants, the host/hostess will give me a children's menu without even asking. lol.
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 8 years
people usually think i'm a little older (i'm 25, they tend to guess 27-30), but everyone always says it's the way i carry myself, so who knows. :) i've always been mistaken as older, though... most memorably, one of my sister's friends thought i was 20 when i was 12.
Vampyre Vampyre 8 years
Thanks to my Mum's genes I look quite a few years younger than my actual age. My 70-something Grandma is regularly mistaken for a woman in her 50s and my 50-something Mum is regulary mistaken for a woman in her 30s. Lucky me the women in my family age well.
lilacattack lilacattack 8 years
I used to look a lot older than I was in high school, but now that i'm 20 I look my age again.
pinkpeonygirl pinkpeonygirl 8 years
Friday I turned 36, I just can't believe it. I always looked younger, but now my age is really catching up. I have freckles though, I guess they take some age off. I've had every color in the hair-dye rainbow and I've been told I look older as a blonde then when I'm black. Weird.
avocado_seed avocado_seed 8 years
People used to think I was younger than my age, but I think I either look my age now or a little older.
anon321 anon321 8 years
people usually think I'm older. I'm 22 and people usually guess around 25-28. My husband turns 28 this month and people always think he's 20-22.
hollylyn hollylyn 8 years
I recently turned 23, and people never believe it on a day to day basis. Typically, I'm a slacker when it comes to getting ready for my job when I'm not touring. After months of applying make-up with a trowel and setting my hair for multiple wigs, I kind of just get tired of actually doing it. So unless I'm going to an audition or out after work, It's typically no make-up and a ponytail or air dried hair. I work in a theater complex, we house multiple off broadway shows, and a bar. I've lost track of the number of patrons in the past week that have told me that by law I can't serve alcohol because not only am I not of drinking age, I'm obviously a minor. One guy went so far as to demand ID and then declared it to be fake because it was out of state. However, when I make an effort, I tend to look about my age or slightly older (if that's my goal). It comes in handy sometimes. I'm one of those enigmas who lists their age as simply 15-28 on a resume. Heck, the 15 is if I'm lucky. Where I work runs underneath a plaza in NYC which includes the most delightful restaurant, by which I mean that the drinks are cheap and they card no one. Which was really cool 3 years ago when I wasn't 21, but now that I'm 23 and got carded the other night, the only one at the table and the only time I've seen anyone get carded at the place, it's a little depressing.
audrina audrina 8 years
I'm 43 and look like I'm in my 30's. I don't smoke and try to eat a healthy diet. But I am starting to show some signs of aging. I'm seeing gray hairs show up in my hair and my skin is starting to get drier. Plus the pounds are creeping up on me. I need to exercise more!!
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
I went home to visit my family not too long ago ... and my little brother's friends said to him "I didn't know you had two younger sisters ... where's your older sister?" And my brother was like "That IS my older sister!!!" The security guards at his school have also mistaken me for a student.
dragonlady920 dragonlady920 8 years
I've noticed that people who look like they are closer to me in age usually can guess my age correctly (24, almost 25.) But older people always think I'm much younger than I am. My older patients will look at me sideways, and ask if I went to nursing school when I was 12.
Jennipoo Jennipoo 8 years
I'm 24. When I tell people I've just graduated (my masters) they assume highschool. Le sigh.
bornthisway bornthisway 8 years
i'm 15 years old, but just a few weeks ago, someone thought i was in 6th grade. ever since, i've been really self-conscious about that... i am barely over 5 feet, though, so that might be it?
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 8 years
I have always been told that I look a lot younger than my 25 years. People usually think I'm still in highschool at times and think my younger sister is older than me. Must be the great genes from my mom's side of the family bc. she looks a lot younger as well.
shayela shayela 8 years
strange. sixteen, but i've gotten from fifteen to twenty (usually 18 though)
kimchimei kimchimei 8 years
in middle school and high school I was always thought to be older because of my height (6'1) i think my age and height have caught up with each other but sometimes people think i am way older or way younger than i am. people have thought my 18 year old brother is my son (that would make me 5 when i had him lol) or they think he is my older brother. my mom has those great filipina genes and looks like she is early 30s at 53. hopefully it'll be the same for me when i'm older.
ladyjules79 ladyjules79 8 years
hmmm--who would say yes to this? honestly, though, i am 30 and i still get carded all the time. last week, while buying a bottle of wine--i was out sans make-up and with hair in a ponytail--the woman behind the counter carded me. she apologized, and said, "sorry, but you look lie you are 18". i told her not to be sorry--that was the nicest compliment i have had in awhile!
polkadots567 polkadots567 8 years
I look much older than I am... not so bad when you are a teen and an actress
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