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Do You Pay Attention to Small Trends?

Do You Pay Attention to Micro-Trends?

Trendlets cause constant commotion in the beauty realm — one week, five celebs wear the same coral lips, the next, everybody's got their hair in a chunky braid. I love them because they give me little style ideas and I don't feel forced into them, but do you? Are you oblivious to the whims of fickle fashion, or do you love that it's always changing?

Source: Flickr User ticklemepink

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glam-sugar glam-sugar 7 years
I pay attention to them but don't participate unless it's something that works for me.
Glamgirl1 Glamgirl1 7 years
actually those glasses in the picture are ridiculous.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
Yeah, no. By the time I can take some time to go shopping, the trend I went for is usually over. So I just focus on the big trends of the season.
brandysbug brandysbug 7 years
I don't have enough $$ to always be changing makeup/clothing/accessories...I tend to stick to things that have a classic appeal and to the larger, longer-lasting "trends."
emalove emalove 7 years
I am always aware of them, but I don't always follow them.
mintz mintz 7 years
i know what's going on but i don't like to follow anything. i wear what i like and what's comfortable. those glasses above are so ugly lol that's just my opinion! :)
tallkell tallkell 7 years
I don't have enough total fashion sense so if followed them I would probably mess it up and look like a doofus!
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
Not really.. I'll wear it if it's cute, plain and simple. Not 'cause it's the hottest thing going on. With that said I won't intentionally ignore something because it's trendy. Someone who blindly follows the trend is as equally annoying to me as someone who will refuse to wear something because it's trendy.
kayecouture kayecouture 7 years
i'm usually aware of them, but i only follow them if i personally think its cute or a good idea. for example, i thought the kanye glasses were silly and something only he could pull off so i never got a pair, but a couple of my friends did.
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