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Do You Prefer Thick or Thin Eyebrows?

Fab and I are big fans of Camilla Belle, especially because she has bold, thick, and beautiful eyebrows. We love a thicker pair of eyebrows, but I'll admit that slimmer eyebrows can work, too. When it comes to you, do you prefer your brows closer to those of Peter Gallagher or Marlene Dietrich?


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orianaskye orianaskye 7 years
I love love love her thick eyebrows! Gorgeous!
prencesschris prencesschris 8 years
def. thick
tysontysonxv tysontysonxv 8 years
It very much depends on the face. Camilla Belle is stunning with her full brows, but other girls may not be able to pull it off. I do think really thin eyebrows look overworked on anyone, so I prefer a more natural thickness.
Miriam-Olivia Miriam-Olivia 8 years
Love a natural brow. To much plucking is so old fashion. If you have a naturally thin brow work with it or thick tame it to look well kept and natural. I learned to do my own. My friends think I get it done professionally. It took practice getting it right. Now I have the perfect medium brows that match my face.
verily verily 8 years
I prefer natural looking brows that are simply groomed to remove any stray hairs that fall out of the general brow arch. I find really thin, tweezed to an inch of their life, brows to be harsh and unflattering on any face. I also dislike massive eyebrows filled in with brow pencil.
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
My eyebrows are naturally thick but I like to (and need to) keep them within a medium thick range. They can get quite unruly...
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
btw, I absolutely hate overly-plucked eyebrows...especially BETWEEN the brow. Some people are clueless! I don't like thin brows at all, i.e. Eva Longoria. I mean, maybe she was born with them, but I think thicker is prettier.
Allytta Allytta 8 years
au natural :) i don't even tweeze... it's all natural baby
simbaspaws simbaspaws 8 years
In my opinion thin and very curved eyebrows look stripperish...sorry just my opinion. I love thick and slightly arched brows....
foxie foxie 8 years
Jessie, there's a difference between "thin" eyebrows and "overplucked" eyebrows. I agree that overplucked looks tacky and awful, but I still think that (almost) anything a thick eyebrow can do, a thinner one can do better.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
Somewhere in the middle, not too thick or thin.
bella85 bella85 8 years
I love thick eyebrows, but mine are thin, so it would look ridiculous if I made them thicker :(
reactionary reactionary 8 years
i generally leave my brows au naturel. the only thing i do on a regular basis is tweeze the two or three stray annoying hairs. i get compliments on my nice thick brows all the time, people ask me where i get them done, and i just smile. i will, on occasion however, get them properly groomed and shaped. i did this for graduation, family weddings, etc. sometimes a little more shapeliness is nice. but even then they are always kept thick.
Seka21 Seka21 8 years
dnye dnye 8 years
i think it's most important to just shape your own eyebrows but i think thicker eyebrows tend to look better.
Advah Advah 8 years
I was going to say thick, but what I mean by that is natural-looking. Some girls have naturally thin, fair eyebrows and would look funny with fake dark thick ones - in the same way girls with naturally strong brows look weird when over-tweezed. Either way, I'm glad thick eyebrows are back; mine have always been pretty strong (I'm very fair with dark hair) and people would often comment on that when I was in junior school :/ and it wasn't a question of them not being groomed. Also, Camilla Belle is stunning.
cupcake_ cupcake_ 8 years
I think it depends on the person: some people might look better with thiner eyebrows, others with thicker ones.
erinalise erinalise 8 years
Thin, but not anorexic-brows.
cupcakers cupcakers 8 years
I love thick eyebrows. It depends on how thick they are and who it looks good on. I have medium sized thick eyebrows. I just HATE pencil thin eyebrows
pixelhaze pixelhaze 8 years
I agree with elizabee123 that this girls brows are more strong than thick. I really like thick brows, as I think they give a face a lot of character. I can't have thick brows myself though, as mine are so dark it would be a bit overpowering. Mine look a lot like Camilla's, actually, except they are set much lower (is that what it's called?). I go back and forth between having them thinner in an attempt to create a better arch and leaving them a bit fuller.
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
I have medium ones, but I always wished they were longer and more pronounced - I love Camilla's, and in general I prefer thicker one. I especially hate when girls shave off their eyebrows and paint on a thin line - that doesn't look good on anyone...
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