In 2007, the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics broke the news that out of 33 lipsticks they tested, 61 percent contained detectable levels of lead, a heavy metal known to cause health problems, like infertility and learning disabilities. But now, the FDA has some even more surprising data to throw into the mix. After analyzing 20 lipsticks using a newer method of study, they concluded that while each unit contained traces of lead, the results were, in fact, four times higher than the original outcome.

Currently, there are no set standards by the FDA regarding levels of lead in lipstick. This has the CSC hot on the FDA's case, especially since the average amount of lead is over 10 times higher than what the standard is for candy — an actual edible item. While obviously lipstick is not meant to be eaten, we all Inadvertently ingest a little every now and then. Are you concerned about the discovery of quantities of lead found in lipstick, or do you think with all of the other elements we are exposed to each day, a it's really not enough to worry about?