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Do You Wear Makeup on the Weekend?

Obviously, we all put on our best face if we're going out on the town. But what about when you're hanging around the house on a weekend day — do you wear makeup?


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diorbaby diorbaby 10 years
I usually wear MORE makeup in the weekend than I do on the weekdays. I have more time, and I always look so much better on the weekend. I love wearing makeup, so thats just me!
Hollisterbabe01 Hollisterbabe01 10 years
i wear eyeshadow and mascara and lipgloss
talrocks talrocks 10 years
Only if I leave the house, and even then it is usually less then during the week.
vienvien vienvien 10 years
When I was still working in the corporate field, I wear make-up everyday. During the weekends, I never did put it on. Now that I work and study at home, I don't wear make-up anymore but during the weekends I do becuse that's the only time I can prettify myslef----weekends for date nights w/ my husband, accompanying him shopping and accompanying him to his gigs and going to church
LaMiathePink LaMiathePink 10 years
Im not a quote on quote makeup wearer I like to enhance ,I wear mascara love lipgloss victoria secrets beauty rush are a must have and i might do alittle eye thing on the end of my lid ,I thank God for my almond shaped eyes. and i dont blush so theres no need for it :)
danggirl87 danggirl87 10 years
i never wear makeup...
Emiily Emiily 10 years
I wear it everyday : / I'm a "Glamazon" all the way.
roxypiper roxypiper 10 years
If I am having a bed bug day then no. (i.e when I'm v. hungover) lol
Cherryluv Cherryluv 10 years
Only if I leave the house and if I do, I put the usual on. *gotta always look your best!!* :)
vanilla19 vanilla19 10 years
No, not unless I'm going out. Why go through all the trouble of putting on makeup when no one is there to judge?
jess_smilee jess_smilee 10 years
When i go out, i make up myself but if i stay home and i don't but sometimes i dress up and i make up me just to be pretty and feel beautiful and i stay at home.
Mimy Mimy 10 years
Like most of the others ... only if I live the house ... I think it's not necesary otherwise ...
wendy645 wendy645 10 years
What's strange is that I, like elephantheart, wear more on the weekends than a standard day. But I'm starting to wear more on weekdays because of my newfound addiction to makeupalley.. heh.
SWD SWD 10 years
I sometimes wear makeup on the weekend, but I don't often wear makeup to begin with. I usually just have some bronzer and gloss/ balm and brown mascara. Voila, ces't fini!
Chiquita-82 Chiquita-82 10 years
I makeup everytime, i love to play with my products
skinnycouturee skinnycouturee 10 years
not at home, only when im leaving the house :) its such a habit
Susanjean Susanjean 10 years
I usually leave the house on weekends, so , yes I wear make up. I don't have the urge wear very much though: sunscreen, mascara and lipstick- my usual trio.
dead_vanity dead_vanity 10 years
I'm going to be honest here. I love makeup. I'm an artsy girl, and I use makeup as some pretty form of expression. I think it enhances a girl's natural goods, and it can be fun and as personal as you want. Most of the time, if a woman says she always wears makeup out, she may fear that it means she is insecure and needs to cover her face because it's not naturally beautiful. I think that's stupid. I think all women look better with some makeup, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn't mean you're insecure, it doesn't mean you need it to be pretty- it's fun and a way of expressing yourself, like your hair and clothes. So girls, next time you hear a woman talking about always wearing makeup, don't judge her. There's nothing wrong with wearing it almost everyday, just as there's nothing wrong with never wearing it.
jamiegirl jamiegirl 10 years
jdepp_84 jdepp_84 10 years
I never wear anything in the weekend, but maybe I should, I bump into people that I work with and stuff.
Shoe-Diva Shoe-Diva 10 years
I love makeup, and always wear it outside of the house.
beautyaddict beautyaddict 10 years
Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I like to try new coloures of eyeshadows once in awhile or i just go bare face or i wear very natural lipgloss,face powder, bronzer and moisturizer with spf 15.
Miss-K-Smith Miss-K-Smith 10 years
i try not to wear any make-up at all.. unless im going out somewhere like to dinner or on a date.. but if im just at home then no make up for me.. and for work i just wear the basic eye liner and mascara nothing tooo crazy!
jen-n-juice jen-n-juice 10 years
Makeup, for me, is for when I feel self-conscious about my appearance...which happens to be when I go out for a night on the town or when I need to look more professional and put together for work. On average, a touch of under-eye concealer and moisturizer with a nice spf will do just fine!
Anne-Onymous Anne-Onymous 10 years
I usually only put make-up on during the weekends. It's when my husband and I go out to lunch or shopping. During the week I am a chemist and work in a lab, no reason for make-up at work, it just ends up smearing on your safety glasses.
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