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Do you and your girlfriends wear the same makeup colors and get your hair done at the same salon, or do you prefer to keep things a little more individualistic? Just look at Heidi Klum and Marisa Miller at the launch of the new Victoria's Secret Uplift Bra. They have their hair styled and colored the same, and they have on the exact same makeup shades. It makes them look like sisters! To what extent do you and your BFF share your beauty looks?


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phree2b phree2b 9 years
No. I have 2 best friends. One is a tall kinda fem/butch male and the other is a short, black haired super top heavy female who is 36 years old but because she is short and wears dark goth like clothing they think she is my kid!That bugs me because I am only 48 and it makes me feel like they think I am ancient! And I'm Not. I don't even have wrinkles yet. Then when I go out with my daughter who is 28 they think we are sisters,again just this new years eve.I get confused messages...
micaelabella micaelabella 9 years
We have completely different looks... and that's how I like it...
MariaIsTipsy MariaIsTipsy 9 years
My friend has light light light skin and i have medium skin so we soo do not to the same makeup routine. She likes to dress preppy though, and I like to dress fun and casual.
libs1dlab libs1dlab 9 years
We are all individuals - not one alike.
swtsunkisses88 swtsunkisses88 9 years
most of us have the same type of style since we all tend to borrow looks and trends that the others pick up. our hair usually varies since our hair types are completely different!
sexyeyes sexyeyes 9 years
We all have our own different looks..
Cris1192 Cris1192 9 years
My friends and I have different looks, I dont like bright shiny colours, but one of my best friends loves to wear bright pink, orange or neon green and my other best friend wears anything from black to white, her closet is practically a rainbow.
Bookish Bookish 9 years
My BFF and I have similar styles, but it's not like we share all our secrets with each other- we both just don't wear much makeup and prefer to keep the hair simple.
amber_castaldo amber_castaldo 9 years
Ones blonde, ones brunette and I am a red head. We are very similar in our tastes of fashion but we are not triplets. We fit together with similar body types, clothing choices, and make-up but I think that I am the loose cannon of the group.
Ava-Gardner Ava-Gardner 9 years
Pretty much, we're three smoky eyed brunettes of the same height & similar body weight, we look like sisters or on a bad night a trio of witches who've just parked their broomsticks outside.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
We're all pretty close but with our own flairs.
emalove emalove 9 years
My best friends and I have such different taste...a few things in common, but not much. I'm super-girly and very into makeup/fashion and only a couple of my best friends are the same way. I like that we're all different though, it makes things more interesting :)
msdyanelk msdyanelk 9 years
Definitely hella juvenile to wear hair & makeup the same. Who does that?
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
if i had "friends" & not just acquaintences maybe...but everyone i know is completely fake and not committed to friendships.
danig danig 9 years
my friends and I are so very different in coloring, build, personality. we share ideas about beauty and play around with similar shades but we could never do the copy copy thing. and I doubt any of us would want to.
execute-plan-b execute-plan-b 9 years
I really go all out with my hair while they stay somewhat natural. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not really trying to toot my own horn... BUT, I've been doing the heavy smoky eye for a while... and they sort of copy off of that... heh.
Jeng112 Jeng112 9 years
I think this falls into creppy twin catagory. Ala Single-White-Female anyone!
do-it do-it 9 years
i like to be more different ....
Static-Chemisty Static-Chemisty 9 years
I have pink hair with an almost 'emo' style cut and she is a long haired Burnett...she dresses 'prep surfer' and I'm all goth, mismatch, wear whatever the fuck I want kinda style. She wears makeup I don't...but we are the best of friends. Not that I could ever look like anyone else...
Peyote Peyote 9 years
Diversity is best!
MamaD MamaD 9 years
We're all different colors, lengths and complexions so nothing looks the same on any of us!
amandaconduh amandaconduh 10 years
With make up both my best friends copy me since I've taught them all my tips, but still they wear more of it then I do these days. I did dye my hair black and they copied that, but both want to change their hair again they've decided. They're definitely much more high matinence then me and I'm much more outgoing when it comes to high fashion which is what seems to set us a part the most.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 10 years
I wonder if Heidi is jealous of her copying her?
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 10 years
i love that polka dot bra!! my friends and I are exact opposites! Our hair styles are totally different, makeup style and shades are totally different and our taste in fashion is somewhat different. We do try to dress "along the same lines" when we go out... like I wear a halter my g/f will too but not the same color/pattern. But thats just for cuteness I think I would go insane if my g/f's dressed exactly like me, styled their hair and makeup the same... its weird!
c0rkie c0rkie 10 years
completely different :)
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