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We're excited to present this story from our friends at Allure:

During London fashion week, I kept reading about "Video Games," a song by Lana Del Rey that was used in a few shows, most notably at Christopher Kane. And since fashion show soundtracks often foretell what the rest of the world will soon be listening to, I Googled the song and discovered "Video Games" to be a supremely lovely, haunting, tune with a visually intriguing video. (Listen/watch here; the single is out now.)

What I also discovered is an intense distaste/distrust for its singer, Del Rey—stemming at least in part from the fact that she looks like she's had cosmetic work done since her earlier days as a clean-faced pop singer named Lizzie Grant. Fans and music press report that she appears to have had a lip augmentation, among other changes, that make her look decidedly more sexed-up than her former self., Village Voice, and Gawker all ran stories that made mention of Del Rey's "cosmeceutical decisions" and whether her augmented appearance negated her musical credibility.

Female musicians altering their looks with makeup or surgery is a tale older than Madonna. Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are living cartoons, thanks to near constant (and outrageous) makeup and hair modifications. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry—they all tweak their looks on a regular basis. But none of that changes how I feel about their music. So why are people giving Lana Del Rey such a hard time?


Do obvious or drastic changes in appearance make you question a performer's authenticity? Or is it just part of the business?

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