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Does This San Francisco Mom Really Give Her 8-Year-Old Botox? 2011-03-24 12:10:04

Is This Child Botox Story a Hoax?

Recently, I saw this terrible article about a mom who is supposedly injecting her 8-year-old with Botox and giving her "virgin" waxes. Internet denizens are up in arms about it, understandably, and the story is showing up all over the place. Before we all call the Child Welfare Office, though, there are several things about this story that don't seem quite right. I did a little research, so to see why I have my suspicions, just keep reading.

First of all, this sensational story is from The Sun, which is unapologetically a tabloid. Then, there's scarce evidence that the little girl and mother exist as they're presented in the story. The pair, who are called Kerry and Britney Campbell in the piece, have almost no online footprint. The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has no record of a Kerry Campbell, and there isn't anyone with a similar name licensed in the San Francisco area. Even a search of Yelp and Facebook didn't turn up anything.

And if Britney is competing in Bay Area beauty pageants, she should probably show up somewhere on their websites, but I checked several and found nothing. Nanette Mathias of California's Our Little Miss organization also told me that its pageants don't allow girls to compete if they're using adult treatments like Botox and waxing.


It's also interesting that a paper all the way in the UK would be reporting on a story like this taking place in San Francisco. Why wouldn't a local news organ have been on it earlier?

I could be completely wrong and simply have been looking in the wrong places, but I'm not convinced of this particular tale's veracity. What do you think? Does it ring true or not?

Image Source: Thinkstock
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
I think it's true that this mom isn't going to win Parent of the Year award, but have we actually seen evidence of the child being injected? Photos, sure, but nothing beyond that -- and those can be posed. I feel terrible for this little girl, who clearly hasn't received the message that she's fine just the way she is. Whether she's actually received Botox doesn't really matter. There's definitely emotional/developmental damage being done by being put through this rigmarole.
Pernilla-P2 Pernilla-P2 6 years
I was presented to this in addition how does that fit in? I really want this to be a hoax, so please, fire away :)
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Anon 9, I doubt it's satire. I suspect it's filled with falsehoods to drum up outrage, but The Sun isn't exactly known for being the second coming of Jonathan Swift. Anon 11, they're originally from Birmingham, but the duo now lives in San Francisco (according to the story).
Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
Thanks for the eagle-eyed tip, Brandi! I wonder who the people involved in this story are, and why they actually did this.
brandi797 brandi797 6 years
Ok, I can tell you this: the pics are definitely faked. The syringe she is holding is the wrong type altogether for administering injectables--she is holding at least a 3cc syringe, and injectables are given using a 1cc syringe. Plus, as far as I can see, there's no needle on it. Also, if you notice the dress the girls is wearing while she's being "injected" is the same dress in the next pic where she's wearing a purple flower in her hair
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Anon, good eye. I hadn't noticed that. Did a quick search (not as thorough as Miriam's morning search) and still, nothing shows up for Kelly, either. Something seems off. With that said, it's a sensationalized story, but unfortunately, some parents steer their girls toward beauty obsession -- and that *is* a real topic worth discussing.
Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
I live in SF, too, Anon, and I agree. The details just don't seem to add up, and there's all kinds of illegal stuff going on if it is true.
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