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Does This Star-Faced Teen Have a Case?

Fire up your BS detectors, because you're going to need them for this story. A teenage girl is suing a tattoo artist for inking 56 stars on her face. Kimberley Vlaminck claims that she asked for only three, and that she fell asleep during the tattoo process. Now she's seeking damages of nearly $15,000 to pay for laser treatments to remove the ink. Not so fast, says tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz. "No way could I have tattooed so many stars on her face against her will," he protested. Check out her photo and tell me, do you think she has a case? Or is this merely a case of after-the-fact regret?

Photo by Geishaboy500

potterlove potterlove 8 years
That's total bull man! Facial tattoos hurt SO MUCH. Trust me. So that girl not feeling an extra 53 tattoos? I don't think so. There isn't any mention of her taking any pill or whatnot. So complete bull. She probably just regrets it after she saw how it looked.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
this is so funny. Really who would believe that? But I do want to say it IS possible to fall asleep. I have a friend that fell asleep while his back was being worked on. I personally was WIDE awake during allmy tattoos but I always fall asleep in the dentist chair, even during my root canal. Anyway, hope the tattoo artist doesn't get screwed.
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
one thing is if you say you fall asleep. but what motive would the tattoo artist have to do so many when you don't want it? sounds like a scam...
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 8 years
I really think she's just regretting an impulsive decision and making the entire story up. She was all over the news here (in Belgium) with her story, although claiming to be to embarrassed to show her face outside.... Yeah right! 15 minutes of fame, anyone? Also, she claims the tattoo parlor guy didn't understand her, because she only speaks Dutch and he spoke French. If that would really have been the case, I would say: get yourself out of there!!! Who would let someone tattoo them if they didn't understand them in the first place????
smaine07 smaine07 8 years
WOW.. that is insane. Anyone that has ever gotten a tattoo knows that they are not comfortable, and definitely not something that puts you to sleep. Quite the contrary actually, it makes your adrenaline start pumping which keeps you awake.. And I would imagine on the face would be pretty painful.. And yea, why would the artist waste his or her time doing 53 more stars? Ridiculous is what this is..
chatnoir chatnoir 8 years
I want to see the receipt for the work she had done. that should tell the story.
jenbrown jenbrown 8 years
There is NO WAY she fell asleep during a TATTOO session!!! One of the stars is on her BROWBONE!!! Another is right under her eye on the fleshy part of the skin.....It woul dhave HURT like HELL....I have 3 tattoos and the one on my hip hurt so much I was almost in tears. Now maybe, I'm a bit weak....but I've heard the closer to the spinal cord the more the tat the thinner your skin is the more it hurts!!!! Maybe in Belgium they have different laws about being drugged or drunk while getting a tattoo??? She obviously got her ass chewed by daddy when she got home and tried to blame it on the artist!!!!
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
That's a time consuming tattoo so there is no way the artist would have finished it if she didn't ask for it. That looks like a good 2 to three hour job. No way you fell a sleep that long. He has to hold your face steady for goodness sake
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 8 years
I have to comment again, I think she should have at least chosen a color and not black ink. A light color...It reminds me of the cartoon character Jem, only not pretty. She also could be a KISS fan now. It reminds me alot of those.
divinedebris divinedebris 8 years
This is really funny, I've had stars tattooed on me- the foot. And it hurt. I'm sure any tattoo on your face would kill and I honestly doubt the girl would fall asleep during and not wake up at all. Many posters have given reasons I support, she's lying no two ways about it.
risqueredhead risqueredhead 8 years
Maybe if she was getting a tat on a meaty area (butt, upper arm) the pain would be low, but on your face, the skin is thin. Plus the fact they look like they were stenciled on first, and the monetary issue.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Shevonne, I've heard of it happening due to drugs/alcohol but her dad took her to the tattoo shop himself (so if he didn't notice that his daughter was whacked out of her mind then she still deserves to suffer the realities of what she did). I agree with weffie, what artist would lose that much money (time/ink supplies) without taking the agreed upon cash up front? If you paid for three, I doubt the artist would tack on an extra 50 out of the goodness of his heart.
chow chow 8 years
total bs. theres no way in hell you can fall asleep while being tattooed. and if i were taking my daughter to get her first tattoo, i'd probably stay with her the entire time.
weffie weffie 8 years
Tattooists take cash up front, if she only paid for 3 stars there's no way he'd waste his time.
mo_ri_ah mo_ri_ah 8 years
I have enough to know that they hurt like hell, so NO ONE, except River Phoenix's character in My Own Private Idaho, falls asleep during a tattoo session. Face = OUCH
kty kty 8 years
she doesn't have a case at all...
emma-noel emma-noel 8 years
wow that would kcik so much ass if i were her id start wearng wings and tell evry1 im a fairy
haphazardness haphazardness 8 years
oh dear.
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 8 years
I read this yesterday on the DailyMail website (another British newspaper) and everyone was saying the same things that are being said here. Like how the hell do you fall asleep while getting that done? I don't have any tattoos but it's needles going into your skin! I mean you would feel that especially around the sensitive eye area. And like someone else said before, this tattoo is not free hand, there would be a stencil and she would have had to check it first. I reckon she got it done, regrets it and is just trying to blame someone for her mistakes.
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
wow..... yep she's panicked cz when daddy came in from eating the largest ice cream in the world he didn't like it.
sparkleluvr sparkleluvr 8 years
I can't imagine anyone falling asleep while getting those kinds of tats, especially since those areas on your face are so sensitive, it would be way too painful. These people are crazy
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