Here's a question about fragrance that's considerably more scandalous than most: Does Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather fragrance smell like cocaine? That's the latest hearsay, and New York magazine got to the bottom of the question:

Well, according to cognoscenti of that drug, yes, a bit. “That’s what everyone says,” admits a counterboy at the Ford store on Madison, who adds that one customer even bought a bottle because he thought it smelled like coke.

I'm a teetotaling child of the Just Say No era, so I have no interest in finding out what cocaine smells like. (Seriously, if I'm at a party and someone has it, I become an awkward wallflower and start praying for Nancy Reagan to swoop in and tell me that coke is a joke and that it's okay to feel so uncomfortable around people who are high as a kite.)

So really, I have no idea whether Tuscan Leather smells like the white stuff. The scent has notes of saffron, raspberry, thyme, olibanum, night-blooming jasmine, leather, black suede and amberwood—none of which are illegal South American exports. What do you think? Are people just buying into hype, or is it just a really good scent?