When it comes to shaving my legs, I tend to switch between high-end shaving potions and drugstore brands, since the latter are just easier to buy on short notice. But while Gillette Satin Care doesn't totally suck, the Walgreen's offering does, and in general, drugstore brands don't give me the silky-smooth shave I want.

The exception, I've just discovered, is Aveeno Positively Smooth Shaving Gel ($3.99). This product gave me one of the closest, most moisturizing shaves I've ever gotten from a drugstore gel, so

It would be unfair to compare Aveeno Positively Smooth Shave Gel only to its drugstore cousins, because it also holds its own against the higher-end stuff. You need just a small amount of gel to produce a substantially velvety lather, and its light scent is cleanly pleasant, unlike offerings from Gillette or Skintimate.

But while the shaving process is the same as with other drugstore gels, the results are leaps and bounds away. Afterwards, my legs were as silky as the soft Aveeno lather, and even on my sensitive skin, there wasn't a hint of irritation or stubble. This may be my new standby.