YumSugar and I went to Walgreens during our lunch break last week, and we did what we do best: Yum went to the snack aisle to see what was new, and I headed to the cosmetics aisle. (Typical.) Excited by this review at Shake Your Beauty, I looked for the Herbal Essences shine treatment. I didn't see it, so I picked up Clairol Natural Instincts Shine Happy ($9.89) instead. It's a clear glossing treatment that's supposed to leave your hair uber-shiny without changing the color. Now, not to brag, but because I haven't colored my hair in years, it's healthy and shiny on its own. But of course, I imagined I would have hair-commercial shine if I used this stuff, so into the basket it went.

Like a good girl, I thoroughly read the instructions before getting started. The application process is a lot like that of home hair color: You put on gloves, mix up the chemicals, and apply it to your hair. Ten minutes later, you wash it out. So that's what I did. Afterward, I was lounging on my bed, when Mama Bella (who was visiting) said, "I think it changed the color of your hair." To find out what happened,

Truthfully, I thought the color looked different because my hair was still wet. But the next morning, when my hair was dry, it was slightly lighter. This discovery did not please me. Swears were uttered.

Additionally, my normally soft hair felt a little rough—not like straw, but not as soft as it used to be. My hair was shiny, but not moreso than before (but again, my hair is already pretty glossy). So now my hair is shiny, but it's also rougher and lighter—and I definitely did not want lighter hair. You can see the before-and-after photos below. To be fair, the lighting is better in the "before" picture, and the fluorescent lighting is harsher in the "after" pic. Regardless, you can definitely tell that the color is different—even though the box promises that Shine Happy won't affect the color. I am not a happy Bella!

Have any of you tried this treatment? I'm curious to know if I'm the only one who isn't thrilled, or if maybe it worked wonders for some of you.