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Doing Drugstore: Cutex Quick & Gentle Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Recently I made the mistake of buying Cutex Quick & Gentle Non-Acetone Polish Remover ($2.09). The bottle says it's "for artificial and natural nails," so I figured it would be fine for my natural nails. Bzzzt! Wrong! This is the worst nail polish remover I have ever used.

The problem is that it takes a copious amount of product and a lot of rubbing to remove the polish. Last night, it took me almost 10 minutes to take the polish off my nails, and I didn't even manage to remove every last trace. Plus, every time I've used it, my nails feel slightly rough.

Since I don't know much about artificial nails, I did a little research and found out that this type of remover is best for gel and acrylic nails. If you have natural nails, skip it and go with the regular remover. Cutex may be technically right in saying that this polish works for both kinds of nails, but it takes too much work and is too harsh on natural ones.

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