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Doing Drugstore: Dove Ultimate Clear Cool Essentials Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

Ever since Dove branched out from its old-school White Beauty Bar, I've been really impressed by the brand's hair and skincare offerings. Its shampoos, conditioners, and body washes are both gentle and gentle on the pocketbook.

So when I saw that brand was now in the deodorant business, I had to try the Dove Ultimate Clear Cool Essentials Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant ($4.49). I will definitely be buying this cucumber-scented deodorant again; to find out why,

I have a weakness for cucumber scents, and I'm always on the lookout for a good translucent deodorant to wear with sleeveless tops. In both these regards, Dove succeeds. I thought cucumber in a deodorant might be weird, but it's actually a very unobtrusive scent that simply smells clean, unlike fragrances like baby powder, which can be overpowering.

The stick goes on to my skin almost entirely clear, and unlike some other transparent deodorants, it has no sticky texture. But this best thing about Dove Ultimate Clear is its anti-sweat protection. You know how with some deodorants, you want to reapply between daytime and night? Never with this stuff. Even at the gym, when the rest of me is sweaty, this stuff keeps my underarms dry. I'd also recommend it for people with sensitive skin, as I've never had any problems with irritation. If you've tried it, tell me what you think.

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greentea14 greentea14 9 years
This is what I use and I've had no irritation problems, which I usually had with other brands, love the smell.
renaimarie renaimarie 9 years
I love Dove deoderant, (I've been using it for years!) but I've found that it tends to stain my white shirts worse than any other brand. I swapped it out for Secret, but I'm thinking about changing back, even though it stains. It just works so much better and makes my armpits soft!
Lianna Lianna 10 years
I went out and bought this because of the review and I love it...NO ONE EVER BUY ADIDAS, as soon as u begin to sweat it turns into jelly it's so gross
butterfly7 butterfly7 10 years
Secret is the best to me, but this brand comes very close and I have used it.
any any 10 years
hhe opps is pig....
any any 10 years
well i have a extreme problem with deodorant they all irritate my skin!!!... or i star sweating like a pick, and it make me smell like a working man! and i need a good deodorant cause Panama is hot! really hot!!! right now I'm using secret, even though the scent that i really like i cant find it anymore! i once used dove the regular but it was the same, but i will try this one just hope i could find it!
sethtexas sethtexas 10 years
I will have to try this for myself
camellia camellia 10 years
I'm just about out of deodorant too... I just might try this! I want to try the soap too.
rubiesymusica rubiesymusica 10 years
my sister uses this! i love their bodywashes and lotions because they are at a pricepoint i can afford. i just wish they came out with more scents and a sampler pack. lol
mochachino mochachino 10 years
I use this one too!!! I love it. I know secret never told on me but I will never use anything else. I use the Cool Essentials Body Wash & Lotion by Dove as part of my everydat routine. I secretly think my fiancee has been using it(lotion)!!!
smarler smarler 10 years
The cucumber soap is awesome. I started using it in conjunction with my face-washing regimen and I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I just started using the Dove Smooth Cashmere deodorant, and it's like HEAVEN. I chased after my fiance yesterday until he smelled my armpits. He, too, agreed that my armpits smelled awesome even though it was 7pm and I'd been wearing it all day.
mdbzmom mdbzmom 10 years
Can't wait to try. I'll let you know how it works. I'm always on the look out for an effective deoderant.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I use this brand - however it leave a little white on black shirts.
mrsgrillo mrsgrillo 10 years
I love this stuff....I tend to sweat a lot more than your average girl, so I have to use certain dri, and i follow up with this stuff. I really love how it smells. very clean
purplesugar purplesugar 10 years
I use this too and I'm happy with it.
bfly1133 bfly1133 10 years
I love this! I have been using it for awhile and I haven't found a single thing about it that I don't like. I have never gotten white marks from it though.
Tisane Tisane 10 years
It leaves white marks unfortunately :( I prefer Nivea Balance.
BethS BethS 10 years
I have used Dove deoderant before, but it always leaves white residue...I might have to try this one, as long as it doesn't stay sticky...
ssbrook ssbrook 10 years
I love it and use it, but sometimes i still sweat with it.. so it isnt exactly sweat proof. haha
BeautifyMyLife BeautifyMyLife 10 years
i love the Dove cucumber soap, so this sounds perfect!
CestLaVie CestLaVie 10 years
Dove deo is awesome, have been using it (on and off) for years, one of the best.
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
I use a different Dove deodorant and love it, but will try this now that its summery out. Thanks!
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
I use this exact deodorant and I love it. The Cool Cucumber's got a fresh scent that does last. AND it's safe with sleeveless and dark clothes.
julieulie julieulie 10 years
I've used this in the past, but I just felt like it didn't work that well for me... I had to cake it on before the gym. I'm much happier now with the Degree Women Ultra Clear.
Princess-Rebecca Princess-Rebecca 10 years
I'm goign to buy it next time... I still like swithing my deo once in a while. I get bored when I stick to the same fragrance a few months. But I need to have it now!
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