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Doing Drugstore: EO Nighty Nite Bubble Bath

EO at ShopStyle

What's a girl to do when she wakes up already stressed out and overwhelmed? It's the situation I faced this morning, and made a counterintuitive choice that turned out perfectly – I picked up a bottle of EO Nighty Night Bubble Bath ($7.99).

I admit that conjuring up bedtime is not exactly the best start to a work day, but the main ingredients of blue chamomile and lavender promised to soothe, and soothe they did. The mildly floral scent lingered in my bathroom to make me feel like I was wandering through a field of lavender, not putting on concealer and brushing my teeth.

Hours later, I'm still mellow but not sleepy (I'm thinking the coffee helped with that). I may just try this again tonight while sipping some chamomile tea for sleepy time. After all, this product had some of the longest-lasting bubbles of any I've reviewed, making me want to linger way longer than my AM routine allowed.

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