When I heard that the co-creator of Hard Candy nail polishes had decided to whip up a couple of super-hydrating lip balms, I had to get my hands on them. Inspired by his own mother's massive collection of lip balms, Benjamin Einstein wanted to make a balm that combined the best components from each product. What he came up with was Einstein Lip Therapy, a simple line of two very different, yet equally amazing lip treatments.

Grabbing inspiration from everything from Carmex to La Mer, his first product, Lip Therapy Hydrating Cream, is a creamy moisturizer containing vitamin C beads. The second, Lip Therapy Cooling Relief, is a salve-like healing balm. Each comes in adorable red or pink round containers, adorned with a medical-looking cross on the cap. They are little and very portable, and would slip in any pocket or purse easily. For the rest of the review,


As for the products themselves? Let me just say that I am having a hard time choosing which to put on when I go to grab one out of my purse. I am also probably applying it way more often than I should. Not because the product isn't effective, but because I literally cannot get enough of either. The Hydrating Cream is a thin, creamy consistency with miniature vitamin C beads that dissolve easily when rubbed into lips. The scent is very light and pleasantly minty sweet. It is milky white in the tub, but goes on clear and sinks into lips like a lotion, leaving them soft and not a bit greasy. The texture and scent of Cooling Relief reminds me slightly of Carmex, but softer. It goes on smooth and light and makes your lips tingle – in a good way, not in a lip-plumper sort of way. Both of these products have staying power, and do the trick to cure dry, chapped lips.

I really am having a tough time saying anything bad about either of these balms. It's not just that they are good, solid lip balms, it's that I honestly feel they go above and beyond the performance of most any other balm I've tried, at any price. OK, fine, one complaint: For $6 a pop, I would like a little more product in each container . . . but I still think they're worth every penny!