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Doing Drugstore: FX Special Effects Texture Dirt Texturizing Paste

As I know from firsthand experience, it's easy to spend a small fortune on hairstyling products. After all, salon products are pricey, and it's hard to know if they work unless you try them a few times. One of my stalwarts is Dirt Texturizing Paste by Jonathan Product, which is designed to give your hair a slightly dirty look. Writes stylist Jonathan Antin on the label: "There's something amazing about the way hair looks and behaves the day after — washing that is."

But I have to admit: $26 is a lot to pay for a product that makes my hair look dirty. So I was intrigued when I saw this description of FX Special Effects Texture Dirt Texturizing Paste: "Texture Dirt has been created to easily give you the amazing way your hair looks and behaves the day after washing." And it cost just $5.99! Could it be a budget version of Dirt? Well, sort of, so

Though drugstore hairstyling products improved over the years, this is one category where it's usually better to splurge. Having said that, FX Special Effects Texture Dirt is one of the best drugstore styling products I've ever tried. It has a nice, clean smell and a whipped mousse-like texture. Just a little bit of paste adds a lot of texture to even the fullest manes, but it also isn't heavy on your hair.

But while Texture Dirt is perfectly serviceable for people on a budget, it really doesn't come close to approaching the wonderfulness of Dirt. The Jonathan version adds way more texture and lasts longer, too. I'm willing to keep ponying up the $26, but if you're looking for a quality budget hair paste, you won't be disappointed in FX Special Effects Texture Dirt.

Hellena25 Hellena25 10 years
There's this stuff called "Real Puala Dry Wax" and it works wonders for me.... I like a piece-y, "texturized" look(mostly concentrated at the ends of my hair, so as to add definition and interest to my layered cut), as opposed to full-on bedhead "dirty hair" roots simply get waaay too nasty looking with JA's "Dirt". The only bad thing is that I can NEVER find the stuff in stores locally, I have to order it online....but it's my favorite. It also seems to wash out more easily than other "texture" products.. Another good one is Supremo Magic Move (unfortunately, it's an internet thing, too. Can't find it ANYWHERE in the non-digital realm). I use the "yellow" tub of magic move...the "red" is probably great for hair that's thick and/or very curly. I forget the color of the tub for really fine, thin hair. It's, uh, the only other one they make...the one that ain't yellow or red, LOL!
lovealways lovealways 10 years
Hmm, I need to give this kind of thing a try again.
Molly Molly 10 years
Jonathan Antin & his Hair Dirt is one of life's joys. Not just for it's practical use, but seeing him throw it into the wind (literally) for luck before big moments on his reality show -- comedy gold.
redhead42498 redhead42498 10 years
Dirt by Jonathan Antin is amazing. Yep, $26 is a lot, but totally worth it.
asco00 asco00 10 years
Hmmm dirty hair on purpose? I think I would try the drugstore version, just so I can see if I like the effect :)
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