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Doing Drugstore: Goody Ouchless Shower Comb

Goody at ShopStyle

In a perfect world, I'd remember so many things. Like to pack an umbrella when the forecast says rain, to always have the perfect lip gloss in whatever bag I'm carrying . . . and to bring a comb with me into the shower. Sadly, sometimes I do, while most often it's a drip-drip-dash for the wide-toothed comb. Or, I should say it was until I picked up this baby. Complete with a handy hanger, I just hook it on my showerhead so when it comes time to comb my conditioner through, I know where to find it and where to return it when I'm all done.

Not only for a nifty handle, I picked this product because of the grooved teeth to spread all my fave conditioner without snagging hair. The flexible rubber lets it bend as I work through my tangles and it flexes way better than my harder comb ever did. A place for everything, and everything in its place apparently – so check out a few more hanging combs for this purpose below:

Ouchless Comb, Condition Comb, For Wet Hair, 1 Start
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