The last time I used Johnson's Baby Shampoo, I was illiterate and, most likely, incontinent as well. (Thank goodness things have changed in the decades since.) When I recently visited my parents, I noticed that they had a bottle of it in the shower, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

There's something comforting about the bottle, labeling and smell. These things don't necessarily revert me to childhood, but there's something simple and sweet about it nonetheless. But does the no-tears shampoo work well for grownups? To find out,


Although it doesn't lather much, it cleaned my greasy hair well, Now that it's dry, I've got this wispy Shiloh Jolie-Pitt thing goin' on. (Sadly, though, I think Shiloh beats me in the cutiepie department.) The only problem is that it strips my hair of too many of its oils, giving me more flyaways than usual and drying out my hair. A conditioner would help with this, but my grown-up shampoos don't do this. Sadly, Johnson's Baby Shampoo isn't something I'd regularly use.

Finally, did you know that some people use this shampoo as a makeup remover? Yep. I haven't tried doing this yet, but I can see it being a great and inexpensive choice for cleaning makeup brushes. For hair, though, it's a wash (yuk, yuk).