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Doing Drugstore: Jordana Eyeliner in 28 White

I don't know when it happened, but sometime within the last few years, Revlon discontinued its Nail Whitening Pencil. It was a great, simple product: You simply dampened your fingertips and "drew" on the undersides of your nails. The result was a quickie version of a French manicure. I used the pencil to make my nails look brighter when I didn't have time to give them a coat of polish. And then Revlon got rid of it!

While strolling the aisles of Walgreens yesterday, I went on a hunt for a replacement product. While I didn't find any nail pencils, I did find a white pencil eyeliner from Jordana. Maybe it would work, I thought. Heck, at just 79 cents, what did I have to lose?

Even though I'm not using this as a real eyeliner, I have to say, the soft texture isn't bad at all. I hate it when pencil eyeliners are pokey and too hard, so I'll probably try Jordana again when I want to try an unusual color. But back to the nails. The pencil is softer than the Revlon nail pencil, so I didn't bother wetting my fingertips. Instead, I cleaned under my nails and went to town. For the before-and-after pictures,

Oof. There's nothing to make you feel like you need a manicure like seeing a picture of your cuticles up close. (Hey, cut me a break—I did this myself with my non-dominant hand!) Anyway, at left you can see my index finger before I used the eyeliner pencil, and at right you can see it post-pencil. It's not as fancy as an actual French manicure, but for 79 cents, I'm not complaining.

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starinajar starinajar 9 years
That's really cool! I never thought of using eyeliner to whiten your nails. I should try it sometime.
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Thanks, all, for the tips. I'll slide over to Sephora after work today and look at its nail pencil...
kelli07 kelli07 9 years
Interesting--it really makes a difference. Thanks for the tip.
Chiquita-82 Chiquita-82 9 years
great idea! Thanks! I immediately ordered a Milani white pencil from Ebay :)
luvspink luvspink 9 years
Bella - I think I saw a white nail pencil at Sephora! You might want to check there if you want a nail pencil. Looks good though, I'll have to try this!
kerneschick2005 kerneschick2005 9 years
wow how cool! I never thought of that! Genius!!! mellafe- I don't know if people do this a lot in the "real world" but many pageant girls use white eyeliner (applied as closely to the eye as humanly possible, near the lashes) because it makes the eyes appear larger. ;)
BelleRose BelleRose 9 years
Cool idea.
jakselgirl jakselgirl 9 years
Sephora has nail pencils for reasonable. The white can come off in the shower; if you use clear nailpolish under your nails you can make it last longer.
BethS BethS 9 years
I remember those nail pencils, they were great! I might have to run out and get one of those jordana ones, I've finally been able to grow ALL of my nails out somewhat, but I need to do something about the tips, thanks!
shafiii shafiii 9 years
i love this!
mdbzmom mdbzmom 9 years
I used to do this too and forgot about it. My fav lip liner is Tawny by Jordana.
i-am-elle i-am-elle 9 years
Hmm I never thought of using a white eyeliner pencil before. Innovative!
ailene ailene 9 years
79 cents? I'll have to get me one of those. I'm tired of chipped nail polish! For those who are wondering about the white eyeliner on the eyes... I have seen people line their top lashes with a black liner, and the bottom lashes with a white liner. Combine that with mascara and some pearly lip color and you have the classic bombshell look..
SanDiegoLove SanDiegoLove 9 years
You can also stick your fingertips in a grapefruit for a few minutes.
Lilie Lilie 9 years
How come you can't find a whitening nail pencil in the US ? There's still plenty everywhere in Europe. Hey, maybe it's time for me to start an import/export business !
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 9 years
Looks good! :)
southernbelleNYC southernbelleNYC 9 years
i loved that pencil! I can't believe they discontinued it!
quietriott quietriott 9 years
i've seen nail whitening pencils at duane reede too. usually it's near the nail repair kits.
AParker AParker 9 years
Just so you all know, Sephora carries a nail whitening pencil as well. I haven't tried it, though, so I can't vouch for it!!
Adgammon Adgammon 9 years
Just so you know. Sephora has a nail whitening pencil, but until now I never knew that you had to wet your fingernails for it to work. I'll try it tonight and report on how it works. Thanks for bringing an alternative to the pencil!!
psangel psangel 9 years
I have to give this one a try.
trace-face62028 trace-face62028 9 years
That's a pretty cool idea, but actually Sally Hansen just came out (or at least I've only just recently seen it) with the most AMAZING nail invention ever. It's a white polish pen with a sorta spongy-fiber tip and it is SO much easier than doing a french mani/pedi freehand. It comes out perfect with about 1-2 strokes. I loooooove it.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I used to use the revlon pencil when I was in college and had forgotten about it. Good to know I can use an eyeliner pencil now instead
Greentea1203 Greentea1203 9 years
I was wondering why I couldn't find the Revlon white nail pencil anymore!
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 9 years
I use a white eyeliner to highlight certain areas of my eyes, when I do wear eyeliner. It's actually quite cute as well if you thinly line your eyelid with white.
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