One thing I'm really loving is the way L'Oréal creates products around its spokesmodels. Take, for instance, this Wear Infinite Star Secret eye shadow quad ($7.15). These bronze colors are "Kerry's Bronzes" — as in the actress Kerry Washington — and although I haven't the foggiest idea as to whether she's had any input on the colors, they're very pretty either way. The four shadows all complement each other, and if you have trouble applying them, you can simply flip the package over for some easy-to-follow diagrams.

These colors would look gorgeous on a variety of skin tones, including Kerry's cocoa complexion and my fair visage. To see some pictures of the how it all looks,


If you follow the diagram, this is the look you'll get. I brushed a little shadow along my lower lash line as an experiment, and swept on a bit of MAC Fluidline in Soft Black. (Also, yikes, it's time to break out the tweezers.)

And here are two other shots. At left is what I like to call The Angelina Stare, and then there's a little shut-eye action to show you what's on the lid.

The shadows last for most of the day, but my only complaint is that the color payoff isn't as intense as I'd sometimes like. Don't get me wrong, this is great for a subtle daytime look or, when worn with this style of eyeliner, for an evening out. But the shadow doesn't build much, so if you want a look that screams yoo-hoo, i am wearing bronze eye shadow, you'll have to look elsewhere. Still, I love the versatility of this quad — especially for the price! (And now I'm off to tweeze.)