If you're into the vintage pin-up or rockabilly look, you'll love Murray's Pomade, a haircare staple that's been around since 1925. George Clooney reportedly uses the stuff (so maybe he's not a Dapper Dan man?), but many Murray's products are lady-friendly. If you've ever wanted to mimic Dita Von Teese's sleek, shiny waves, here's an authentic product line to help you.

Now, Murray's isn't stuff you'd want to use every day, unless you're willing to spend the considerable time it takes to get the stuff out of your hair. Pomade, by definition, is meant to stay in the hair, and removing it involves a hefty amount of clarifying shampoo. But if you want a special retro 'do, this stuff does the trick. You might want to try Hair-Glo ($3), which adds shine and lets you slick your hair into a sleek retro style. A tiny bit of the product goes a very long way, so your $3 "investment" will last a long time. Have you tried pomade? If not, would you?