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Doing Drugstore: Nature's Cure Acne Treatment

You know how you can go to Walgreens, and the bottom of the shelf has a bunch of unusual products you've never heard of? Well, I saw Nature's Cure Acne Treatment ($9.99), a homeopathic remedy for acne, and thought it sounded a bit quacky. After all, I'd had bad luck with a previous fling with supplements. At the same time, though, I was curious, so I did a little online research and found lots of rave reviews. Sold!

Nature's Cure claims to "tackle internal causes by stimulating your body's natural defenses to help stop acne where it starts." The homeopathic pills include English walnut, yeast, cone flower, wild rosemary, vegetable carbon and frost weed—all in micro-doses which aim to clear up skin. You take two pills a day (one in the morning, one at night) and apply the included benzoyl peroxide cream on zits. Simple. The box promised "results within two weeks," and boy, did I get them. To find out what happened,

You know, the pills aren't too terrible. They're flavorless, slightly chalky and chewable. I had great faith in them: Every time I took one, I thought, "Ha ha! Flawless skin will soon be mine!" Chomp, chomp, chomp. I was a pill-popper, and happy to be one. (I tried using the cream, but because my skin is sensitive, it dried out almost immediately.)

Soon, just as Nature's Cure promised, I saw results. Ugly results. Let me tell you, I have never broken out as badly as I did after taking these pills. About a week after becoming a pillhead, my chin erupted into gross, goop-filled pimples. I stuck with the program, though, because I'd read reviews by people who explained that this was just skin "purging" existing junk, and that in a few more weeks, everything would be gravy.

But there was no gravy, only more pimples.

I took Nature's Cure for a little over a month, but then I had to stop. The zits didn't stop coming, and I was tired of waking up every morning to see more blemishes. I headed to see my dermatologist (don't miss my interview with him), and started a prescription program that is working great! But that's another story. For now, I have to say that Nature's Cure merely aggravated my acne. Based on other people's experiences, maybe I'm just a fluke—but this is a final sign that my skin just doesn't respond well to supplements. Anyone else have a more positive experience?

808lisa 808lisa 9 years
my cousin owns a modeling agency and told me about her adult acne she encountered when she turned 28. Her dermatologist told her to use Nutrogena Oily Skin Acne wash and apply 5% Benzyolperoxide every night-- turns out you can buy benzyolperoxide at Kaiser or other hospital pharmacies over the counter and MUCH cheaper than a name brand at the drug store (6 month supply for about $2.50). She has her teen clients stick to this regimen and has seen great results. I am a name brand junkie but with adult acne starting for me I was willing to give it a shot. My face got a little drier than I am used to, but I choose clear skin!
StokedShortee StokedShortee 10 years
the new dermalogica medibac line is the only thing that has helped me. ive had prblems with my skin since 5th grade (seriously) and im 21 now. the regular dermalogica line messed up my face really bad though...
Candyhunnie Candyhunnie 10 years
I have terrible acne, but am seeing steady results with my "Clinique Acne Solutions" after getting a consultation (:
elmendoa elmendoa 10 years
i used it when i was in highschool and had great results with it. not sure it would work for my skin now.
pixiedust2 pixiedust2 10 years
Thanks for reviewing this. I've always looked at this at the store and have been very curious. I think I will stay clear based on your experience. So sorry that happened, but thanks for the warning!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
Haha I think I might recommend this to my poor teenage brother!
trendyindc trendyindc 10 years
Bella almost the same thing happened to my friend!! Although for her it started working right away and then her whole face broke out massively (worse then what she had when she started!). I have horribly crappy skin and I've found drinking a lot of water, using this clinique bar soap and retin A and occasionally the clinique body spray is the only thing that actually helps.
vivelamour vivelamour 10 years
I haven't tried this, but birth control has helped me quite a bit lately. I've tried a number of things, from creams, pads, to antibiotics. I even used Proactiv, but it was only good at bleaching my acne spots. Luckily, my hormones weren't raging by the time I turned 17. So then, I just kept a good facial cleansing routine everyday, drank lots of water, and ate healthily. I still have some acne though it is pretty mild. I figured that if I kept using so many products, my skin will be enduring more damage than repair.
Beauty Beauty 10 years
mocelebgossisme, I worried about that, too. The website talks about how it helps regulate hormones, and I kept thinking, "Wait a minute! I need my hormones under control because I'm not ready for Baby Bella yet!" DreaAST, sorry to hear that it didn't work for your son. But it's great to hear that the body spray works, and if anyone else tries this and loves it, let everyone know! My skin isn't everyone's skin, after all. :)
DreaAST DreaAST 10 years
My son used this and it did not work for him :(
i-am-elle i-am-elle 10 years
Aww I'm sorry it didn't work out for you!
tropicalsiren tropicalsiren 10 years
i haven't used these pills but i've used their spray for acne in my body(back and chest)for more than a year and i wont used anything else!! it's not that expensive(9.99) and it last you's worth it since now i can wear tanks and dresses without showing horrible skin. it's worth giving it a try you might be surprised.
menthadict menthadict 10 years
Wow, that sounds HORRIBLE. I had a three step nature's cure set and it worked fairly well. then again, i don't have much acne.
beautygirl83 beautygirl83 10 years
It's weird that you posted this today. I've been researching acne treatments for weeks and have come across this product numerous times, all with good reviews. I picked it up today at Walgreens and I am starting it tomorrow. I hope it works, I'm sick of having bad skin!
Katz1 Katz1 10 years
I took Natures Cure because I heard some good reviews, fortunately nothing like this incident happened to me, the pills just didnt work at all, didnt cure anything.
mocelebgossisme mocelebgossisme 10 years
so sorry for that bella! wow, wee...NOT FUN AT ALL! i also know that this stuff can mess up birth control something bad for sure! sooooooo...
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
I've seen this at work, but never thought to try it. I'm using an OTC product that's working wonders. :) Thanks for the review.
Nerine Nerine 10 years
I used to use Nature's Cure religiously when I was a teenager and it worked great. In fact... I think I might need to add that to my skin regime, again.
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