Browsing around my local Walgreens the other day, my eyes landed on this blush compact from Revlon. It's part of a holiday limited-edition line, but the color still looks great in April. The Revlon Golden Affair Sculpting Blush in Berry Daring is a bright raspberry pink color, embossed with a shimmery gold design, and even though I've been favoring my Shisedo Cream Blush lately, this looked like something I definitely needed to have.

This blush claims to "dramatically sculpt cheeks" with the use of the finely-milled gold shimmer mixed in with the colored powder. When you open the clear plastic compact and swirl a blush brush around in it, the golden design disintegrates a bit, which I guess only ruins the pretty factor, but still, it's slightly disappointing. The color is picked up easily by the brush, so one brief swirl will pick up plenty of product and golden shimmer. I buffed it on and was pleased with the shade, but disappointed that there wasn't much of the cheek-sculpting shimmer deposited onto my cheeks.

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It's a nice shade that wears well, but the price was a bit of a shocker: $13. That makes it almost as costly as a high-end powder blush. Yikes. On one hand, the pigment is good quality for drugstore blush, but the price doesn't exactly make it a steal. So I'm torn. I won't stop using it now that I have it, but I am not sure I would buy it again. Have any of you tried this one? What do you think?