Some were just too ill equipped for the job — like the one that was too small. Others were just dull and made an unnecessary mess. Then, there was the poor one that suffered "accidental death by stiletto" during one particular mad morning gotta get to work rush. The latest victim pulled a Houdini, and I'm still trying to figure that one out.

I'm referring to pencil sharpeners, of course. (Wasn't it obvious?) As I sit here contemplating the many cosmetic pencil sharpeners that have come and gone in my days, from one apartment move to the next, and one vanity set to another, I think I have found a new love.

When it comes to sharpeners, Revlon's Universal Points Sharpener ($3.49) is right on — it fits all the pencils, both chunky and skinny. It produces a precise cut, which after all is the whole, uh, point. Shavings and gunky pencil contents? Not a problem, as it comes with a detachable cover for easy clean up. If only it could withstand the crush of a high-heeled woman — now that would be a sharp improvement.