I've loved this stuff since it first came out, and if there's a drugstore product that deserves a post, it's this one. Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish ($5) has, on many an occasion, saved me from losing my mind waiting for polish to dry and ruining an entire manicure out of sheer frustration.

When I looked in my drawer this morning, I had seven bottles of the stuff, ranging from bright, sunny yellow to teal to perfect French-tip cream. I'm not saying they have the most gorgeous colors, because they're not all that special, but for five bucks and only two minutes for fully dry hands, this stuff absolutely can't be beat. This is my day-to-day nail polish. Sure, I might throw on something luxe, beautifully hued, and boring as all get-out to wait on when a new episode of True Blood is on and I'm going to be glued to the couch anyway, but Insta-Dry is what keeps me a happy and productive member of society. Thanks, Sally.