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Doing Drugstore: Total NailRx Fill Me In

Even though I know that months of painting (and repainting) toes can do a number on my nails, much to my chagrin, my surfaces have ridges I swear weren't there in seasons past. Hoping to smooth things over, I walked my bumpy toes over to my local Walgreens where I discovered this peachy miracle worker. The Total NailRx Fill Me In ($8) comes fortified with silk powder to fill in those unsightly gaps while making nails super-strong.

The surface smoothing base coat did exactly as the name implied and totally evened the playing (er, painting) field. The one downfall to note is that it actually dries to a subtle coral. While I like the hue alone, if you're going for glossy sheers or applying a color, it can change the shade up top.

Total NailRx Fill Me In Surface Smoothing Base Coat, Fill Me In
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