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Dove To Open Spas in Canada

Would You Get a $75 Facial From Dove?

Dove, a longtime drugstore favorite, is now joining the upscale beauty ranks by opening the first North American Dove Spa in Canada in a few weeks. (They're already open in England). Continuing on with its "Real Beauty" campaign, the company plans to open upward of 50 locations within the next five years.

The spas will feature Dove Spa Professional products, and offer customizable services including facials ($75 to $110), a variety of body treatments ($50 to $130), mani/pedis ($30 to $65), and waxing ($15 to $85). But will it fly, especially when another spa chain offers high-end products for about half the price?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for pampering oneself. But I'm having a hard time grasping why so many companies are going upscale in these rough economic times. ($35 foundation at Target, anyone?) If you're going to shell out $30 for a manicure, why not just go to Bliss, where for $5 less you get brownies, cheese, and the fancy feeling of being at Bliss? Dove would really have to create an astounding spa for me to pay that much for a variation on a drugstore brand. Do you think this is a smart plan? Are you feeling the love for Dove?


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EmmaRS EmmaRS 8 years
I also work in a Dove Spa in the UK. I have worked as a therapist for many years and I have used several different well known brands. Dove Spa products are not the Dove products that you can buy on the high street. Dove Spa use higher levels of active ingredients at levels that count. I have only been working with the company for a few weeks but I am really excited and looking forward to offering treatments and products to my guests that will give them the results that they are looking for. We are all very highly qualified therapists so please come along to one of our spas and give it a go, you wont be disappointed
Clareg Clareg 8 years
I work in a Dove Spa in the UK. I have previously worked with very high quality well known brands that are very expensive. Dove Spa is a totally different range to the basic Dove products. They are excellent products with active ingrediants at levels that count. Well priced nicely packaged products that do what they say. We are an honest brand that beleive in real women. As for the treatments, they are so individual bespoke treatments that are designed for you on the day. What skincare company does that? A Dove Spa therapist is second to none. Very highly qualified A+ in all the treatments offered, fantastic customer service and most definately well worth the extra cost. Try it and see.
Hair-and-nails Hair-and-nails 8 years
I will be going there on opening day!!!! The best things in life cost a bit more, but when I was in Britain IO went to a Dove location and WOW, I felt great for days after. I even went back before flying home and looked and felt great. Dove is well above the rest, its different and worth a little pampering. Come on ladies, dont put a price on our beauty !!!
juliarose23 juliarose23 8 years
simply: no.
cfp cfp 8 years
I like Dove products, mostly because I have super sensitive skin and can't even wear normal deodorant without breaking into hives and they have a lot of sensitive skin options that are CHEAP...but seriously? I don't buy the products because of their incredible quality...I don't know how I'd feel about a facial from them. I think if I wanted to treat myself to a facial I'd go somewhere a little bit more high-end.
jaimehwkns jaimehwkns 8 years
I love Dove - I would do it. I'm not a regular facial kind of girl though, I only have them for seriously special occasions. If I were to have them regularly though, I'm afraid a $75 Dove facial would be too expensive - but for once in a blue moon, I'd do it!
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
They should be more affordable I think. It isn't the people who can afford high end products buying Dove products. It's the people who can only afford drug store products that buy Dove. So they should target their spas for those people.
ChristinaMUFE ChristinaMUFE 8 years
No! If I get a facial, it's gonna be at Bliss. That place is like heaven. Movin on. Now I really want the blood orange and white pepper body scrub!!! Love it!
shhbabytee shhbabytee 8 years
heck no, I wouldn't go to a dove spa. I had to re-read the price list before deciding-- I'm paying the same price for the treatments as I would a nicer, less "corporate" spa. Seriously, I agree. Economy is not healthy and money isn't as freely spent. So yes while we might go for the Dove shampoo instead of our normal Fekkai, doesn't mean we'd choose a Dove Spa over Bliss. If I was going to cut back on spending, I'd cut the spa treatment altogether - not opt for a crappier experience for the same price. This doesnt make any sense to me why Dove, a Walmart brand, is going "upscale". And yes, I agree.. Unilever isn't being honest w/ their corporate marketing. Axe is sexist AND yes, they do still promote traditional images of "beauty". For them, it's a matter of capturing different people and getting them to be all a part of the "Unilever family"... this will lead to hypocrisy.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
I agree with Austerity. I'd add that I actually refuse to buy Dove products now because its parent company Unilever is responsible for the ridiculously sexist and degrading Axe ads, they sell skin-whitening cream for women in India (not exactly a message of "real beauty") and they still test on animals. I just think it's really hypocritical of Dove to run those "real beauty" ads and worry about the self-confidence of young girls, while other brands in their company feature hot skinny women throwing themselves at men, and women worrying they won't get a man if their skin is too dark. Whatever. I understand they are just peddling their brands to different demographics, but still. And I think other major companies sell skin-whitening in India, just seems so hypocritical when you consider Dove's commercials. In general though, I think this is a cool idea. If you really love a brand, like Dove, it could be fun!
pennies pennies 8 years
i agree with austerity. they've spent so much time and money with their "Campaign for Real Beauty" and endorsing their self-esteem fund to young girls that it seems a bit off for them to now open these spas where the message is basically that if you pay X amount of dollars, you can be beautiful too. i don't know, i always thought their message was about natural beauty and simplicity but it just goes to show what some companies will do to make more money!
soapbox soapbox 8 years
I would only go if someone gave me a gift card or something. I never liked dove products, they were always just okay. I'm not to crazy about how the spa looks either; it reminds me of my doctor's office.
desodaro desodaro 8 years
I will just pipe in and say NO WAY! Bliss yes, Dove, um...NO, NO, NO! Dove tests on animals, their products are crap, and I wouldn't give them a dime if my life depended on it. I would gladly pay more for Bliss any day.
WhitneyGH WhitneyGH 8 years
esti702 - In my experience, that article is definitely true. I still get my biweekly manicures at $50 a pop, monthly massage for $80, haircuts/coloring for $100+, and the occasional $80-90 facial. And I'm a federal government employee, so I'm not exactly rich, haha. But these indulgences make me feel good about myself, and I budget accordingly for them so they have no negative impact on my finances. That being said, I don't think I'd go for an upscale Dove salon. Their deodorant is the only Dove product that I like; their other beauty products just don't work well for me. I'll stick with Dermalogica facials.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that i might be open to going there if they had a type of facial that seemed to suit me. i think that we have to remember that dove is the brand that toted themselves as being a non-soap and i think that if they can manage to bring that to spa services, then they might have their niche in an already cluttered market. if they can use products that aren't as harsh on skin at times, then maybe it's something that people who are apprehensive about skin care could try.
verily verily 8 years
I had the most amazing facial/peel for $35 today from a beauty school of all places, so no, I would not pay $75 to Dove.
esti702 esti702 8 years
I recently read an article in a Spa Insider magazine stating that no matter how bad the economy is, women are still spending money on "fluffy" stuff i.e. makeup, mani/pedi's, and spa treatments. To me, it makes sense...yeah, right now I can't buy a new car to make me happy but I can certainly pick up a new MAC eyeshadow as a little pick me up! Now, on facial prices...I am an esthetician. I charge anywhere from $105-$150 per facial. But I am at a resort on the Las Vegas strip where spa services are a little pricey and actually, my facials are on the more affordable end on the strip. Having said that...I wouldn't pay $75 for a "Dove" facial.
SmileyFace26 SmileyFace26 8 years
I don't know about using Dove products, are they going to introduce better new products to use on a person during a facial.
CYL CYL 8 years
Nope...if I am getting a facial I am acutally going to a place that uses nice spa products..Dove products are so "meh"
austerity austerity 8 years
Nah, never was much of a Dove fan. Plus I think they're contradicting themselves a bit; first they put on this huge campaign to appreciate women's beauty of all shapes and sizes, which gives them a kind of 'normal' or 'everyday' tag (which is fine!), but now all of a sudden they're more upscale, like they want to have their cake and eat it too...they sound a little confused marketingwise, I wouldn't be convinced to buy this stuff.
Bostonbean1987 Bostonbean1987 8 years
i agree with bastylefilegirl, that is around what i pay for a facial anyways...sometimes more, and these are not high end salons. I have very sensitive skin, and dove products are so gentle on my skin. I see no problem with $75! Infact, i am eager for one of these salons to open near me!
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 8 years
I dont get facials, but my friends that do usually pay around 75 bucks so I dont' see what the big deal is if you pay that much at a Dove Spa. Dove produces good products so why wouldn't they have a nice spa? All the rest of the pricing seems to be Spa Market rate as well. Paying that much for a mani/pedi not that's the crime!
Angela123 Angela123 8 years
Yeah, I really don't EVER see myself shelling out that kind of $$ for a facial. Just on principle, not because it's Dove though. I'm all about Dove and real beauty and all that jazz. Thanks for the info about Facelogic, though! Now THAT I will pay for a facial :)
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
Not getting my $.
katrina1020 katrina1020 8 years
According to my husband (an admitted financial junkie), Target's plan is to prepare for the upturn. He said their philosophy is that everyone is hurting now, but when the market goes back up they will be ahead of the pack and can recover more quickly. I tend to tune him out when he gets going about money, so I may have that wrong, but it made sense. As to Dove - I wouldn't pay that much for a facial, but I wouldn't for anyone, not just dove.
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