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Dr. Oz Says Lip Gloss Is Dangerous

Dr. Oz Wants You to Be Scared, Very Scared . . . of Lip Gloss

I know that Dr. Mehmet Oz probably means well, but his "xyz makeup . . . is dangerous!" schtick is getting on my nerves a little. Not because there aren't questionable things in a lot of makeup — there are — but because he seems to be missing the boat completely on more pressing ingredients like pthalates and lead that we know are dangerous. What do you think?

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FredieGirl FredieGirl 7 years
bosco01, you can make your own lip gloss if you want to gaurantee safety. I will dig some home formulas out tomorrow for you. I guess the big question with lip gloss is why are you wearing it? Is it purely for a look or are you thinking it's helping your lips too? I love products that have beeswax because they help lock in moisture and they also have natural anti-bacterial properties. Also, to comment on the phthalates, phthalates are known endocrine disruptors, which is bad news mainly for women and babies from the time in the womb to about 25 years of age because of the damage they can do to our systems. Their are thousands of chemicals women need to be more aware of and the awareness is happening one chemical at a time. Bella, agree on the labeling totally. In fact that is in the works and there are also finally talks in Washington that have to do with the health problem in the US and how cosmetics are playing a role. Our government is finally looking at the European Directive. Unfortunately for us women in the US, our government works for the big corporations these days, they guys who line their pockets so it is a fight for consumers and companies like myself to demand nothing but safe.
c12h22o11 c12h22o11 7 years
There's women out there who go through 1 or 2 entire lipgloss tubes in a MONTH?? For real?? I have never used up an entire tube of lipgloss before it's gone "bad" or I simply felt like it needed to be tossed.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
It's not like we're ingesting seven pounds of lip gloss in one sitting. I'm sure that would make anyone sick. And I agree with Bella that the US needs cosmetic regulations similar to those of the EU, but Dr. Oz is getting a little sensationalistic.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
I like Dr. Oz a lot, and I'm glad he's addressing cosmetic safety. I just wish he'd targeted different subjects. I think that the average person doesn't know about phthalates, and any discussion of cosmetic safety should include them. Like you said, anon 5, we know they are harmful... but most people don't. I wish he'd discussed things like that instead of, say, mineral makeup — especially because there's a difference between the micronized particles of mineral makeup and, say, nanotechnology. And his recommendation to use liquid foundation instead of loose powder completely sidesteps concerns about phthlalates, nome sayin'? I don't know. Cosmetic safety is a large and confusing thing. I do think we need better regulations along the lines of what the EU requires. If Dr. Oz's show can help people demand more transparency in labeling and formulations, I'm all for it. Sheilamamo, you can call me Bellagirl. :)
AmberHoney AmberHoney 7 years
Really now! Oz wants you to wear plastic gloves to the grocery store because of all the germs. This germ thing is hilarious and so unfounded. I might add, he's got a show and I don't! Keep spewing the propaganda if it gets you rating - Jersey Shore anyone?
Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 7 years
Hold on...I must reapply my lip gloss before I comment... there. Much better. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Obviously we don't ingest all 7 lb's at once! Come on Dr. Oz.
FredieGirl FredieGirl 7 years
Bellasugar, I keep wanting to call you bellagirl. Anyway, Yes-I agree. There are many more pressing issues with safe cosmetics and even ingredients. Unfortunately for someone who is not as savvy as you and I, starting with petroleum is a safe and not so overwhelming place to start. I am glad to see Dr. Oz not make it complicated for women to get started in terms of awareness. He does make a good point in pointing out that we are ingesting our lipgloss, however, it's better to eat it because it can be metabolized and broken down by the liver so it's not as bad as putting it on our skin.
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