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Drew's Just That Into Her Big Ponytail (and You Can Be, Too)

Drew's Just That Into Her Big Ponytail (and You Can Be, Too)

She's just that into being blonde, and once again a fan of big hair, as Drew Barrymore attended Monday's premiere of He's Just Not That Into You with this full ponytail. I'm betting she got some help with that volume, but I've thought up tips to make your hairstyle bigger than ever... without hair pieces or extensions!

Form your ponytail, then find out the key tips to creating this style when you


  • Applying a volumizing mousse like Fructis Volume Inject and/or spray (John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root) to dry hair to create body.
  • Make waves using hot styling tools – personally, I think hot rollers work best – by curling small sections of your hair at a time to maximize fullness.
  • After the curls are in and rollers are out, take small pieces of your hair and wrap around your finger with styling wax to separate hair and add even more body by gently combing hair towards the roots as well.

Do you have any go-to products to add volume? Make sure to weigh in on our product reviews page!

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