Recently, reader bluerose462 posted the following question: "Does anyone know a good dupe for MAC's Ricepaper Eye Shadow ($14)? I love it, but my budget is super tight." Thanks to the BellaSugar Community, three readers have uncovered a few great looks for less for this peachy gold shimmery shadow. Find out what they are when you read more.

  • "I love the MAC eye shadow colors, too. The colors are great and they last forever! I do also like Revlon's eye shadow. It is a lot cheaper and I am sure you can find a color similar. The Neutral Khaki ($5) looks pretty close." — Lauren
  • "From what I can tell by Google Images, it looks very similar to a L'Oréal HiP color that I own. The duo is called Flare 404 ($8). One side has the neutral color and the other side has a MAC dupe for Coppering." — SnufaLuffaGus143
  • "I think Mary Kay's Moonstone ($6) looks very similar! I love it as a highlighter." — Drewsfan

Have a look for less you want to share? Hit up the Beauty Dupes group, then. You never know what cheaper alternatives await.