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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Teams Up With Jen Atkin to Develop the Hot Tool of the Future

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Image Source: Courtesy of Dyson

Most of our forefathers anticipated that the 2000s would bring flying cars and other futuristic advancements. While society hasn't gotten there quite yet, we do believe the future is here! There are self-driving vehicles so easy to use, a dog is a capable navigator. Hoverboards were the holidays' most popular gift. And now, after four years of research and development, Dyson is releasing a technologically advanced hair dryer: the Supersonic.

As this is the brand's first foray into hair care, the innovators made sure to do it right. Not only did the team set up a lab designed to study the science of strands, but they also invested $71 million into Supersonic's creation. Oh, and they enlisted internationally acclaimed celebrity stylist Jen Atkin as the tool's ambassador.

Atkin declared the aesthetic "so gorgeous," and we have to agree. In lieu of the typical hair dryer shape, the Supersonic is a more elegant, elongated design. There's also no need to fuss with different clip-on attachments: Dyson's diffuser, styling concentrator, and smoothing nozzle were all engineered to be magnetic, so you can easily snap them on and off while styling. Even better, they were designed to stay cool to the touch.

Hair health is of paramount importance when we drop dollars on a hot tool. After all, it's obvious that heat styling can take a toll on the strength and shine of one's mane. Dyson created the Supersonic with strands' safety in mind. The device measures the temperature of the airflow 20 times per second to make sure it stays precisely at one of the four heat settings you selected. If it starts to get too hot, it self-adjusts as needed to prevent your hair from getting fried.

It's also featherlight. Many amateurs and pro stylists have felt like they've performed a series of upper-body workouts after a long blowout (you, too?). That's because most dryers contain the motor in the head, making the tool top-heavy and unwieldy. Dyson developed its smallest and lightest motor yet for the styler and popped it into the handle.

We have yet to try the Dyson Supersonic, but we're eager to see if it lives up to the rigorous development and testing it went through. That said, this hot tool is a serious investment: when it hits Sephora shelves this Fall, it will cost $399. But if it works half as well as the Dyson Blade (the hand dryer that's likely wowed you at the airport), we'll be impressed. Read on to see the Supersonic in action.

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