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Easy Hair Tips From Hairstylists

5 Awesome Hair Secrets From Celebrity Stylists

Celebrity stylists are the kind of hair helpers most of us can only dream about. Not only are these talents quick on their toes, but they are always coming up with new ways to make their clients look better. Luckily, your favorite stars' hair-y godparents are often nice enough to drop a little knowledge on the rest of us. Here, find five of the smartest tricks and tips revealed by the styling elite. Learn your lesson(s) now.

Keep bobby pins in place permanently:
Pins always falling out of your hair? Dove stylist Mark Townsend has just the thing for you. "My new favorite trick is to spray my hair pins with Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo before placing them in the hair," he says. This works so well because dry shampoo creates a little extra friction and absorbs oil in the surrounding hair so that everything stays exactly where it should.

Make your braid just a little messy:
Don't say GOOP never gave you anything: stylist Orlando Pita provided buddy Gwyneth Paltrow his pointer for forming those sexy, unstructured braids we've been seeing all over the red carpet. Start by braiding as you normally would. Then, right before you wrap everything up with your hair tie, run your hand up the length of the braid, pushing gently against the "grain." It will give you the loose, romantic look that's hot right now, without making the entire style fall apart.


Grow out bangs fast:
Tresemmé stylist Joh Bailey says there's just one golden rule for growing out bangs: pin them back. "Either straight back or to the side. Then, once it's long enough, you can hide it with longer hair," he advises.

Do sexy bedhead:
Fekkai stylist Adir Abergel uses braids to create morning-after texture. His technique is to put a little Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream in semidry hair, then braid it. Once your hair is dry, you just take the plaits apart and rake through your hair with your hands.

Get the perfect ponytail for your face:
"A good gauge to where to place your high ponytail is follow the natural line of your cheekbone toward the top of your head," according to stylist Marcus Francis. "Tilting the head back while smoothing the nape area will help it from sagging, keeping it tight and clean in the back."

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