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Easy Holiday Party Makeup Tutorial

A Gorgeous New Year’s Eve Beauty Look Anyone Can Do

If your New Year's Eve plans include a lot of traveling, hosting, or just celebrating, let us take the stress of coming up with a rockin' beauty look off of your plate. To answer the age-old question—how to look glamorous without trying to too hard?—we chatted with Illamasqua's creative consultant David Grant. He not only created the ultimate effortlessly cool makeup look, but he also offered up a bevy of beauty tips that we'll be using all year. Get the full tutorial here!

Grant always begins with the brows to frame the face, so first fill in and shape them with Illamasqua's Eye Brow Cake in Motto ($23). "If it's too red or orange-toned, your brows will look fake. The cooler the tone, the more natural the look," he explains.

Grant then brushes the pigment through with a spoolie brush and sets with a clear brow gel.

Grant next moves on to the eyes. After prepping the entire lid with Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Vow ($20), a nude color, he then creates a line of "invisible eyeliner" with Severity, a deep aubergine. "It's in between the lashes. Not on the waterline and not above them," he says. "Look down into your reflection, lift your lid, and use the side of the pencil."


He then uses the same pencil to draw from the center of the lower lash line to the outer corner, then up and around the socket, filling in as he goes.

To soften, Grant blends with a shadow brush.

Next, Grant brushes the matte brown shade from Illamasqua's Neutral Palette ($47) over the shade he created with Severity.

He then presses the brand's Tango shadow ($20) into the center of the eye before sweeping Tango shadow ($20) onto the outer edge. After working a bit of the Vow pencil into the inner corner, he brightens the inner crease with the shimmering Furore Pure Pigment ($26) to add light.

After cleaning up any smudges along the bottom lash line, Grant draws on a bit of Severity and works Vow into the lower waterline to open the eye.

He then sweeps the lighter brown Tango along the lower lash line before layering on the deeper Bronx shade to the outer corners. "You want to focus the darker colors to the outer edges to lengthen," he says.

Grant applies the brand's Medium Liner in Sophie ($20), a black shade, between the upper lashes along the outer corner of the eye. "Make sure there aren't any gaps," he advises. "Get as close to the eyes as possible."

He then wiggles Illamasqua's Masquara ($23) from the base of the lashes to the tip. "It's like you're teasing the lashes." For the lower lashes, just sweep a tiny bit of pigment to the very tips.

Moving on to the skin, Grant sketches a triangle with a peach-colored concealer. "You don't want something yellow-based. Something peach-based will conceal the blue and green under the eyes." He starts from the inner corner, then draws down and up, creating a U shape. He also makes sure to bring the concealer up to the eye shadow. "This will help shape your shadow the proper way." He always conceals around the brows for extra definition before blending everything with a concealer brush.

Using a fluffy brush, he uses a dime-sized drop of Skin Base ($42) to smooth out the complexion in thin, light layers.

Grant then uses the same foundation in a darker color to contour, focusing under the cheekbones, down along the jaw, up along the temple, and down the nose. "If your face is rounder, keep the lines diagonal. If it's longer, keep them round," he advises.

Using his fingers, Grant taps Illamasqua Rude Cream Blush ($26) onto the apples of the cheeks before setting the look with loose powder. "You always have to seal your creams with a loose powder before you use a powder to smooth and set," he says.

Grant then goes over the contour one more time with the brand's Wolf Eye Shadow ($20), a matte brown, for extra definition.

For the lips, Grant first fills them in with the Medium Liner in Sophie ($20) before smoothing on Climax Lipstick ($26), a dusty rose. For shine, he adds a swipe of matching gloss.

For some added drama, Grant suggests a set of the brand's lashes.

The finished look is gorgeously glowing with heightened neutral tones, making it perfect for a sexy night out or a get-together with friends.

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