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35 Great Halloween Costume Ideas For Procrastinators

Oct 28 2011 - 11:02am

It's crunch time, people. There are only a few days left before Halloween [1], and if you're reading this, you're probably still in need of a costume. But don't fret! These 35 ideas are totally doable at home, and all you'll need is a lot of confidence and a little DIY spirit.


What's Halloween without a tribute to the legendary Egyptian Pharaoh [2], Cleopatra? (Get more makeup tips from our Cleopatra tutorial [3] now.)

Source: Flickr User -just-jen- [4]

Pretty in Pink

When in doubt, bust out the bold makeup and a creative spirit, applying a vivid palette of colors and designs, like this redheaded woman. It's got a certain Molly Ringwaldesque quality about it, don't you think?

Source: Flickr User
E. Bartholomew

Jackie O

All you need is a wig, oversized glasses, a pale pink lipstick, and a textured pill box hat, and it's 1960s sophistication all the way.

Source: Flickr User mthomps00 [6]


ThunderCats, ho! Cheetara's look is surprisingly easy. Just create a design around the eyes with a nude or orange-toned eyeliner, and fill it in with some Orange Face Paint [7] ($3). Hear yourself roar!

Source: Flickr User Eliya [8]

Cold War Spy

You'll be like someone straight out of a James Bond flick with this getup. A pageboy cut, a military-style [9] ($45), and some frosty blue shadow will have you turning heads, comrade.

Source: Flickr User borderlys [10]

Raggedy Ann

What's cutest about this girl's version of Raggedy Ann? Her metallic shadow and rosy, freckled cheeks. It's cute without being sticky sweet.

Source: Flickr User Mr. Gunn [11]

Blinged Aye, Matey!

Being a pirate for Halloween is a classic move, no doubt, but when you add a little bling to the look, you'll certainly get noticed.

Source: Flickr User Pauline P [12]


This unique costume showed up at a Halloween parade in Greenwich Village a few years back. While it isn't entirely clear what the costume is all about, it just goes to show if you put on crazy-colored contacts, a few feathers on your head, and a fang necklace, you can be whatever you'd like.

Source: Flickr User Seamus Murray [13]

Don't Mess With Medusa

Some green and yellow face paint and a snaky wig, and you'll be scaring people Greek mythology-style in no time flat.

Source: Flickr User Photos o' Randomness [14]

Betty Boop

Her makeup is perfection. Not only does the white face paint and animated drawn-in eyebrows bring this cartoon character to life, but her glittery lashes and red pout bring it all together.

Source: Flickr User Plutor [15]

Cloudy Day

How adorable is this costume? Check out the cotton-ball headband, complete with frosty blue and white shadow, along with some killer false eyelashes [16] ($5).

Source: Flickr User nickgraywfu [17]

Goin' Green

Various shades of green face paint, some long, dark lashes, and a bright red lipstick make for a stunning get-yourself-noticed kind of look. All you need is a can of string beans and a jolly disposition.

Source: Flickr User Seamus Murray [18]


This dreamy interpretation of Titania [19], queen of the fairies from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, is gorgeous. To get the mystical look, head to Etsy to peruse the selection of fairy head wreaths [20] to make the costume your own. A long, blond waved wig and green false lashes create a fanciful finish.

Source: Flickr User " rel="nofollow">Rennett Stowe [21]

Snow White

And for another installment from the world of Disney, deck out your cheery self with a Snow White Wig [22] ($15) and a bold red lipstick.

Source: Flickr User ewen and donabel [23]


Ariel is always a hit. It's the coppery-red brows, turquoise eye shadow, and star barrette that give this particular look the special touches. Just don't forget a purple bra and a dinglehopper!

Source: Flickr User tinyfroglet [24]


For Jasmine, go bold with the makeup. Halloween [25] only comes by once a year, after all.

Source: Flickr User ">tinyfroglet [26]

Tree Girl

What's not to love about this impressive multihued, shimmering look? The makeup alone will get you noticed. Just beware of dogs.

Source: Flickr User ericvaughn [27]

The Wind

How clever is this idea? By adding a touch of swirling glittery accents here and there, you too, can achieve a breezy effect. Get together with cloud [28] and tree [29], and you've got yourself a natural trio.

Source: Flickr User " rel="nofollow">mydearDelilah [30]

Harley Quinn

To get the traditional harlequin jester look of Harley Quinn [31], the super-villainess from Batman: The Animated Series, pile on the white face makeup, paint on some black goggles, and grab your black lipstick [32].

Source: Flickr User greyloch [33]

Oompa Loompa

The colors are all there: orange, green, and sparkly blue, but the cotton brows are the pièce de résistance.

Source: Flickr User Photo Mojo [34]

Evil Queen

The sharply angled brows and a blunt bob make this version of Snow White's Evil Queen so chic.

Source: Flickr User Lisa Brewster [35]

Black Cat

Look out, Janet Jackson, there's another Black Cat in town.

Source: Flickr User greyloch [36]


Speaking of the Jacksons, pay homage to "Thriller" with this zombie-inspired costume.

Source: Flickr User Seamus Murray [37]

Nyan Cat

Everyone's favorite toaster pastry kitty is just a Kinko's print job away from being your perfect costume.

Source: Flickr User Lucius Kwok [38]

Double Rainbow

All the waaaaaay...

Source: Flickr User urlesque [39]

Freudian Slip

Do you have a slip? Did you take Intro Psych in college? Then you have this costume.

Source: Flickr User jhull [40]

Luigi and Mario

Construction paper, baseball caps, a couple of t-shirts, and overalls are all you need to be instantly recognizable.

Source: Flickr User Jakob Montrasio [41]

Stitched-Up Sally

Create your own stitched-up rag doll look à la Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (Sailor Scout not included). The azure blue shadow [42] ($13) puts it over the top.

Source: Flickr User danifesto [43]


Clowns are inherently scary. So this hardcore version, complete with wild pink locks, a studded nose and collar, is great if you want to get freaky with it this Halloween [44].

Source: Flickr User Parka81 [45]

Let Them Eat Cake

Channel your inner Marie Antoinette with a flouncy silvery wig (complete with butterfly) and petticoats.

Source: Flickr User Seamus Murray [46]

Zombie Marie Antoinette

Or you could go for the undead version with a lot of white face paint and some strategically placed red lip liner.

Flower Power

There's a lot of look going on here, but it works, don't you agree? Lots of lashes, shimmering blue shadow, and a super-pale pink lipstick are hippie glam at its finest.

Source: Flickr User Seamus Murray [47]

You Goat, Girl

To funk up a satyr costume, paint the horns gold and apply some light brown or gold-toned false lashes.

Source: Flickr User freshtopia.net [48]

(Have a) Disco Ball

With this similar one-toned look, which is comprised of a silvery wig and metallic makeup, this gal could pass for a dazzling disco ball.

Source: Flickr User Toast to Life [49]

Stunning in Silver

When it doubt? Be a color. Go for a monochromatic look with accents of the same tone, like this silvery style.

Source: Flickr User Seamus Murray [50]

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