If you did a lot of cooking over the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm sure you did a lot of dishes. And if you did a lot of dishes, I'm sure your hands are feeling the effects. Even if you weren't scrubbing away, the cooler months often produce dry hands that need some extra TLC. So, if you're looking for an easy do-it-yourself treatment, I learned this great combo while holiday shopping at an Aveda store last year.

In your hands, mix the following, work in for an invigorating massage, and rinse away: about a quarter-sized amount of Hand Relief ($19), a scoop of Soothing Aqua Therapy ($28.50) bath salts, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Currently, I'm really digging Patchouli Oil ($13). Psst — you can use drugstore ingredients, too. The results are still luxurious. Aaah.