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Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial

Even Clumsy Nail Artists Can Master This Valentine's Day Manicure

As entranced as we might be by nail art tutorials, we always have the same nagging feeling when we watch them: even if we had the help of two more hands, our finished look would still look like a mess. Valentine's Day is coming up, so we'd really like to charm our date with fancy fingers instead of horrifying them with clumsy creations. That's why we're so into this DIY from YouTube user cutepolish — it celebrates the average skill level of the at-home manicurist.

Instead of trying and failing to paint tiny hearts all over your talons, this video suggests slicking on three different shades, then adding polka dots and the word "Love" for a fun detail. It's OK if you're a little sloppy! "No worries about doing this on your other hand," cutepolish says in a soothing voice. "You could always just swap it for pinstripes, which will look really cute." Watch the video for proof.

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