Lately I've been battling a bit of chin acne, and it's been driving me bonkers. The rest of my skin has been great, but my chin has been sporting a robust crop of pimples. Nothing I tried—masks, Differin, exfoliation, glycolic acid lotion, leaving it alone—worked.

Then I remembered a tip I'd picked up from a friend whose roommate uses only high-end skin care—with one exception. "She and I swear by CVS benzoyl peroxide cream," my pimple-free pal said. "I swear, it works better than any of the expensive things we've tried."

Sure enough, she was right. I picked up a tube for less than four dollars and put it on before bed. The next morning, all of the volcanic little pustules had vanished. The only side effect is a bit of dry skin, but a little moisturizer fixed that problem within a day. Now my complexion is smooth as buttah. I'm telling you, this is good stuff.