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Elf Ear Surgery: Video of a Woman With Spock-Shaped Ears

Have You Heard? Elf Ear Surgery Is the New Thing

Looking like Mr. Spock might not be every woman's goal, but for Jordan Houtz, it's a dream come true. This young woman has had surgery to make her ears look more pointed, much like an elf's or Vulcan's look. "It was just something I thought would be fascinating," she told Good Morning America.

She's certainly getting attention for this odd body modification, which is performed by people like Steve Haworth. The body modification expert creates the elfin look by severing the ear cartilage and sculpting it upward. The $600 procedure takes 20 minutes, but because Haworth isn't a doctor, he's legally not allowed to give people pain medication during the process. If the procedure goes wrong, cosmetic surgeons say, infection could destroy the entire ear within a matter of days. And if it goes right, well, hope you don't have second thoughts, because it's almost impossible to return the ear to its original shape.

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