Straight from Merry Olde, FabSugarUK is giving out some of her best British beauty advice. (I also hope she does not hate me for the dorky title of this post.)The London lass is a fan of both high- and low-end brands, so there's something here for everybody. Missed one of the Sugar girls' beauty profiles? They're all here if you'd like to read them.

Which beauty products are your must-haves?
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, cherry Carmex, Clinique three-step skincare, Chanel navy blue nail polish.

What’s your go-to lip product?
Lancome Juicy Tubes.

To find out the best beauty advice she's ever received,


What’s your signature fragrance?
Loving the new Chloe fragarance right now.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Apply foundation with a brush for an airbrush finish.

Any tips or tricks you want to share with readers?
Not sure whether it’s a trick, but use a primer as well as moisturizer — you will be amazed how much longer your foundation lasts.

Your favorite drugstore beauty product?
Can I say Carmex again?!

When do you feel the most beautiful?
When dressed/made up for a big night out.