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Emmy Rossum's Beauty Tips

Emmy Rossum Tells Us the 9 Things You Can Do to Get Her Skin

Whether it's a colorful cat eye or a fairy-tale hair accessory, we can always count on Emmy Rossum to show us how a beauty girl does the red carpet. So we're not surprised to see that her porcelain complexion has helped her land a spokesmodel gig for luxury skin care brand Restorsea. And the beauty matchup has a less than typical story. "I was gifted some Restorsea products in a gift bag. I was amazed and I switched my whole skin care routine to Restorsea," she tells us. "I had my agent approach the brand about being an ambassador for them, because I organically loved the product so much." We caught up with the new face of Restorsea to learn her wealth of beauty secrets.

1. Eye cream is a multiuse product. Her favorite product is the Revitalizing Eye Cream ($85). "I always make sure I put on eye cream," Emmy says. "I have it next to my bed and it doubles as cuticle cream or elbow moisturizer or lip balm or whatever. I even put it over makeup sometimes. If your under-eye [area] starts to get too dry from wearing makeup for so long and you start to get those crease lines, you can even freshen it up by putting a little bit of eye cream on and rework the makeup. It works really well."

2. Antiaging is about being preventative. "My thing is preventative and not so much about reversing the signs of aging. I'm all about spending on a day cream and an eye cream now, so that I don't have to do needles and cut my face open later," Emmy says. "If you make sure your collagen is in check in your 20s and 30s, then you'll never have to worry about sticking lots of needles in your forehead."


3. Don't pop your pimples. "Popping is a huge no-no," Emmy exclaims. "You can do serious damage to your face — if you don't get it all out you can get an infection. I remember I was shooting The Day After Tomorrow and it was my first studio movie, and I was very nervous. A couple days before my first day, I felt this pain between my eyebrows and I could tell I was getting one of those cystic pimples. As we got closer and closer to the first day of shooting it was getting worse. So the night before, I decided I was going to pop it and it will be fine. Of course, I couldn't pop it and squeezing it only made it bigger, so when I got there, Jake Gyllenhaal called me three-eyes."

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4. Have a DIY beauty party for your next girls' night. "I have facial parties where my friends come over and try new products and we give each other facials," she says. "We'll even try at-home remedies that I'll find on beauty blogs with like avocado or egg yolk on your hair. We just try lots of different things and play around."

5. Antiacne body wash is perfect for after the gym. "After I do a Spin class or whatever, I always make sure to use an antiacne body wash," she says. Emmy is a fan of Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash ($8) and Clean & Clear Body Morning Burst Body Wash ($6). "They're really affordable and it just makes sure that your skin is disinfected and really clean. You can put the moisture back in if you use a body oil or butter or something, but I tend to break out on my shoulders in the Summer so it's really important for me to keep on with that."

6. Buy travel-size bottles to fill with your favorites. "I love those travel-size things you can buy at the drugstore. I always buy those days-of-the-week medical pill cases, and then I'll cut off the tops of my lipsticks and press it into them. So instead of having to pack lipsticks for the week, I just travel with the case and a little lip brush."

7. Pinterest is a go-to place for beauty inspiration. When it comes to creating a beauty look for her next red carpet appearance, Emmy turns to Pinterest. "I love to Google editorial pictures and look on Pinterest and beauty blogs," she says. "I like to think about how a black-and-white dress has been worn before and how I can do it differently or how I can copy a trend that I like. I try to play off the colors that I'm wearing so that I'm not too matchy-matchy."

8. Leave your brows alone. "Do not overtweeze your eyebrows! I used to tweeze mine. So instead of feeling you have to tweeze to fix the holes, I actually think a bushy brow frames your face a lot better, so if you fill in the holes with a brow powder and slightly overextend the ends of the brows, it elongates your eye a little bit and provides a good line for your face," she explains.

9. Cuticle oils can help you stop biting your nails. "I really like oils for cuticles. Solar oil ($12) is really nice; it's a bit almond-y and almost smells like a macaroon cookie. When my cuticles get dry, I tend to want to pick at them, but the key to not biting nails is to keep my hands really moisturized."

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