Embarrassing confession time: I was a teenage emo kid. Granted, this was in the Paleolithic era, so the scene was more about zine-trading and listening to Rites of Spring than, say, buying a Tokio Hotel tee at Hot Topic. Maybe that's why I am alternately fascinated and amused by today's adolescent emo kids. I admire their punky creativity, but the old lady in me can't help but think, "Oh man, you're going to regret those 6-gauge ear plugs someday."

Still, I love to play around with unusual hair colors and makeup, which is why Emo Style Makeover is such a fun time-waster. The kiddy game lets you take a fairly unassuming doll-faced cartoon and transform her into a pierced, wild-haired rocker girl. There are a few drawbacks — you can't change the skin tone, for instance — but if you want a no-commitment way to play dress-up, pop in the My Chemical Romance and have at it.