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Emoticon Glasses That Show People Your Inner Feelings

See the LED Eyewear That Lets Everyone Know How You're Feeling

If you've ever had trouble making your feelings known to others, 21-year-old Shanghai designer Yunfan Tan has an eyewear idea just for you. His design, Magic Emotion Concept Eyewear, is a transparent band of LED-impregnated material called lightform that would make your face resemble an emoticon by displaying changing eyebrow shapes and expressions to actualize your inner thoughts.

The lightform "glasses" would read your emotions via a microdetector embedded in the specs' armature, monitoring your pulse, blood pressure, and muscle contractions. A detector small enough to put in the glasses without being noticeable isn't on the market yet, but Tan hopes one will be in the near future. If that day comes, and his Magic Emotion bands become a reality, would you be willing to wear them to get your feelings across more easily? And if you'd like an in-depth look at Tan's concept for the eyewear, just keep reading.

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