I haven't tried this new Enbrightenment BriteSmile Whitener & Tarte Lipgloss ($26) yet, but it totally caught my eye when I was web shopping over the weekend. From what I understand, one side of the tube contains a vitamin-rich lip gloss and the other side houses a teeth-whitening formula.

The teeth-whitening side contains .05 oz. of BriteSmile bleaching formula with a brush on the end of the wand to facilitate application. I've heard mixed reviews about BriteSmile. Some say it's worked wonders, while others have experienced overbearing toothaches and post-treatment sensitivity.

The lip gloss side contains .05 oz. of antioxidant-rich fruits such as goji berry, maracuja, acerola, pomegranate, jojoba seed oil, and acai and there's also a brush on the end for smooth and even application. The two available shades; pearly pink and radiant red are described as sheer with a peppermint flavor. The idea behind the product sounds interesting and practical enough to me — a bright, white smile (within 14 days) enhanced by a lip gloss. Have any of you tried it yet? If so, what are your thoughts?