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Enter to Win an Apple iPad by Blogging on OnSugar!

GeekSugar recently presented a shiny new iPad to a lucky winner, and now we have another one to give away! Want to win a brand-new Apple iPad? All you have to do is blog on OnSugar — yes, it's that easy! Click below to get started or read on for more instructions.

  1. If you don’t have one already, start an OnSugar blog.
  2. Create at least three posts between March 1 – March 29.
  3. Check the "Enter this post into the ‘OnSugar iPad Giveaway’ Contest" box on each post.

You get one entry for the first three posts, but any checkmarked post after that automatically gives you an additional entry. The more you write, the more times you’re entered! Gibberish and spam will not be considered valid entries, so make sure you’re creating legitimate posts. Read the official rules, and then get writing! Best of luck and happy blogging!

Join The Conversation
jessica0012010 jessica0012010 6 years
Good pictures plus the good article certainly made this segment amazing.Keep it up!Great job! This one is an instant classic! community
CoMMember13631168013724 CoMMember13631168013724 7 years
I would definetely love to win this giveaway. Tweeted on twitter and posted the comment on facebook.
CoMMember13631168013724 CoMMember13631168013724 7 years
Tweeted ~~ Following @heypopsugar as @baifromsd Would love to win this awesome giveaway :)
franciepants franciepants 7 years
Thanks Sabs. Makes perfect sense. But wouldn't it benefit the overall Sugar User community if what we contributed to the respective groups also shows up on our OnSugar blogs? Just a thought...but really do appreciate the clarification.
sabs sabs 7 years
this particular contest is for OnSugar blog posts only. Groups in the sugar communities are separate entities. But we often run contests for those groups too. hope that makes sense!
franciepants franciepants 7 years
Sorry for all the questions, but I noticed I posted something to one of the Groups I am a member of, and the entry does not show up on my OnSugar blog. (Also didn't realize the checkbox for the OnSugar Blog contest wasn't there). Does this count as an entry or do only posts to your actual OnSugar blog count? Again, sorry for the questions. Generally, I'd like to know if all posts (posting to Groups, other Sugar communities, etc.) show up on our OnSugar blogs?
sabs sabs 7 years
All post types count. The checkbox should appear below the main content area.
franciepants franciepants 7 years
Do only "regular" posts count? What about Polls, Galleries, etc.?
I created a blog for this contest.
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 7 years
Wow --- very cool! Mocha (my dog, for whom I blog ;-) ), would love to get her paw pads on an ipad!
shalee55 shalee55 7 years
beautopia beautopia 7 years
awesome, Sabrina, thanks so much:)
sabs sabs 7 years
we had a tiny technical snafu, the box should be there now! as long as your scheduled posts are within the contest time frame and the box is checked those will get entered into the contest. best of luck!
beautopia beautopia 7 years
Hi:) I have a ton of posts scheduled to post in March, do those count because when i go into advanced options I dont see this checkbox? Also I am creating a new post now and don't see the checkbox. will it be in the advanced options or somewhere else? thanks for any info and what an amazing contest!
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