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Enter to Win Benefit's "Sexy or Sweet?" Contest!

Enter to Win Benefit's "Sexy or Sweet?" Contest!

If there's a time of year when you can be both nice and naughty, it's Valentine's Day. No other day allows you to be both good and bad, flirty and dirty, and sweet and sexy, quite like V-Day. And no other brand covers both spectrums like Benefit.

To celebrate this holiday, Bella and Benefit are bringing you a quiz called "Sexy or Sweet?" Here's how it works: Bella will present a Benefit product like Dandelion ($28), and it's up to you to decide if it's sexy or sweet. In the end, we'll have two winners: one who'll get the sexy loot, the other the sweet.

To enter just take the quiz by 5 p.m. PST Sunday, February 17, and two winners will be selected at random. Your eligibility is not based on getting the answers correct, just on taking the quiz after you are logged in. You do, however, need to be a TeamSugar member to enter. So if you're not already a member, register for an account. One quiz entry per person; all repeat quizzes will be ignored. Remember: YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO TEAMSUGAR FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT. For the complete rules, click here. Good luck!

This quiz has been closed and is over.

  • The average score is 7.9 or 79%
Top Scorers
100%  Rachel Mann
100%  mabess
100%  lunimmer
100%  alig
100%  trabetbro
100%  Cathrinw
100%  katel
100%  liltandweave
100%  ang0387
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Join The Conversation
spygirl658 spygirl658 9 years
Fun quiz! Loved voting on each product. Awesome stuff!
emg2114 emg2114 9 years
I'm addicted to benetint. I use it on my lips and cheeks. I want to win!!!
stef42678 stef42678 9 years
I would love to win a sweet or sexy prize!
isseybee isseybee 9 years
readerred readerred 9 years
Fun survey & I could use the help from Benefit products!
-Maryan- -Maryan- 9 years
5 out of!
honey_02_07 honey_02_07 9 years
hope i'll win the sweet one. =)
honey_02_07 honey_02_07 9 years
9/10! =)
honey_02_07 honey_02_07 9 years
9/10! =)
popculture-whore popculture-whore 9 years
i love benefit cosmetics! i have their lipstick and it's so soft and creamy and the color is great :]
seeinpink seeinpink 9 years
I would love to try Benefit's products :)
spaghetina spaghetina 9 years
Wow, 100%. I don't think I've ever finished a quiz here and gotten them all right, lol.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 9 years
i love benefit cosmetics!
ruby-soho ruby-soho 9 years
10 out of 10 yay!
kitkatherine kitkatherine 9 years
benetint can be sexy or sweet! but dandelion is the sweetest. my fave product wasn't on there, and i think it's sexy! their dallas powder is something i cannot live without. i wear one thing nearly every day, and it's that. no foundation, eye liner, mascara. just dallas. it's to die for. oh how i hope i win :)
FawnGeorge FawnGeorge 9 years
Did pretty good on the quiz. Hope I win.
Tari007 Tari007 9 years
8 out of 10, not bad. I love make-up! :love:
blkbrn1952 blkbrn1952 9 years
9 out of 10, okay, so there must be no wrong answers. I love Benefit.
mrsk02 mrsk02 9 years
Wow!!I hope i win.
GradGrl75 GradGrl75 9 years
Every sweet girl needs a little sexy!
miss_best miss_best 9 years
Benefit has the best products ever!!!
n2itiv n2itiv 9 years
hhhmmm...o.k., now may I please have one...
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
8/10 I want one of each. Learned something new - didn't know about the nipple tint. Very interesting!!
grasshopper grasshopper 9 years
i'm a baaaaaaaaaaaad gal hahah
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