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JustFabulous knows how important it is to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends, even if you’re not walking the red carpet or consulting with your trusted stylist. So you can get the star treatment you deserve without the hefty price tag, JustFabulous offers its members a personal shopping experience with its Style Experts, and all items are $39.95. With free shipping both ways, easy exchanges, and 20 percent off the first order members make, it's time to get your shopping on!

So you can see what JustFabulous is all about, it's giving away three months of free shoes to three lucky winners! By taking the quiz below, you’ll automatically be entered to win. Be sure you’re logged in, because this is one giveaway that you don’t want to miss. To learn more about JustFabulous, be sure to click here. Good luck!

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You’ve been invited to an elegant gala at the local art museum. Which shoes would you accessorize with your glamorous gown?

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First developed in 1935, wedge heels gained popularity during World War II due to the lack of leather and rubber.

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You scored an interview to your dream job. Which pair of shoes are you most likely to pair with your business suit?

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Feminine features have been a popular trend over the past few seasons. If you wanted to try this trend, which shoe would you most likely buy?

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Which shoe style would you wear to complete your 1970s-inspired ensemble of flared denim and peasant blouse?

PrettyBrittani89 PrettyBrittani89 6 years
This would so make up for the shoe shopping I've been lacking lately!
young4854 young4854 6 years
i have never won anything before so to win this, and the prize is SHOES!!!!!! how wonderful that would be!!!;-)
matzsmith matzsmith 6 years
#4 What shoe would you choose can't be wrong. I'll say I got 5 out of 5. I need some new shoes, no ruffly platforms either.
superdustbunny superdustbunny 6 years
5/5! Hoping to win this one, would be an awesome pick-me-up!
tyfabulous tyfabulous 6 years
Wow! free shoes? My day couldn't have gotten any better! I checked out your website and I just love the variety you have going on! I'm a shoe whore so I try every brand! lol I'd be in heaven if I won this....
hyperchild0405x3 hyperchild0405x3 6 years
YAY! 5 out of 5! I would LOVE to win this
Jennifer2008 Jennifer2008 6 years
I hope I win. This shoes are fab. & I need some new hot shoes. I'm dying for it but can't spend right now :(
BountyHunter1 BountyHunter1 6 years
yay - thanks! I took the quiz & got 5/5. Hope that means i'm entered!
windycindy windycindy 6 years
What a grand prize.... I would be thrilled to win! Many thanks, Cindi
bobbiboe bobbiboe 6 years
Shoeliscious results!
cottoncandyannie cottoncandyannie 6 years
I suppose I do know my shoes despite my lack of having many pairs! (Please change this ;) )
ani314 ani314 6 years
5 out of 5 : ) love, need & want new shoes!
AJgirl AJgirl 6 years
winning this would be AMAZING!!!
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
How many shoes is three months? lol
kblaine kblaine 6 years
Would LOVE this!
LilyBiscuit7 LilyBiscuit7 6 years
5/5...I'd LOVE to win :) Thanks!
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
Kellz91 Kellz91 6 years
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