Find Your Essie Gel Polish Soulmate

Mar 24 2015 - 3:00am

When Essie debuted its first professional gel series, the nail-obsessed masses (ahem) sighed with relief. There are definitely pros and cons to both. If you're one to change your polish as much as Demi Lovato swaps out her hair hue [1], then the classic bottles are your BFF. But if you're more into a monogamous relationship with your polishes, you should totally give the gels a whirl. And while many of your favorite shades aren't available in gel form, we've got you covered. Scroll to find your favorite Essie shade, and we'll pair you with your new favorite gel shade. Consider it a match made in nail-salon heaven.

Mademoiselle = Amusing Bouche

Essie Mademoiselle [2] ($9)

Watermelon = Chili Pepper

Essie Watermelon [3] ($9)

Ballet Slippers = Dance Class

Essie Ballet Slippers [4] ($9)

Mint Candy Apple = Fashion Crowd

Essie Mint Candy Apple [5] ($9)

Sole Mate = Life Partner

Essie Sole Mate [6] ($9)

Jamaica Me Crazy = Pole Dancing

Essie Jamaica Me Crazy [7] ($9)

Bikini So Teeny = Seductive & Sultry

Essie Bikini So Teeny [8] ($9)

Midnight Cami = Slipdress

Essie Midnight Cami [9] ($9)

Wicked = Street Rocker

Essie Wicked [10] ($8)

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