While this light and sweet, floral scent from Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise has been around since 2003, I've just discovered it. What struck me was the gorgeous gradated rainbow-colored raindrop-shaped bottle. And after I smelled it, I knew it would make a beautiful addition to my vanity with its mirrored ring on top of the wide neck.

The fragrance itself is more potent than anything I am used to from this brand, and it has a mysterious lingering after-scent that I can't seem to put my finger on. I'm guessing this may have something to do with a few ingredients I've never heard of such as eden's mist, jabuticaba fruit, mahonia japonica and golden melaleuca bark.

However, the ones I do recognize are blue hyacinth, orange flower, pink honeysuckle, laelia orchid, jasmine, zebrano wood and plum blossom. It's definitely the orchid that draws me in and the combination of seductive jasmine and sweet orange leaves me feeling invigorated and comforted. So although this doesn't rank as my favorite Estee Lauder fragrance (that spot is reserved for Private Collection, I like it enough to keep in the mix for the summer or as a tropical holiday option.

Beyond Paradise is available in three eau de parfum sizes ($39.50 - $68) in a 6.7 oz body lotion ($39.50) and a 6.7oz body wash ($30). Are you interested in giving it a whirl?